Friday, April 22, 2011

Weds and Thurs

Wednesday, I jumped Red again after an awesome w/t/c warm up with a million and a half circles. I went along the long side next to the jump, turned off the rail three strides out, and jumped it. He did super awesome, of course.

I noticed Fran had a roping dummy in her backseat, so I was talking to her about it and she said she used to rope some and team pen. So we let Red cool off, then tacked him back up in western tack and took him out again. Easy, PETA, Red is an ex-show horse (and hopefully will return to being a show horse), well used to being ridden multiple times. He could have cared less. Fran threw off him a few times at the walk, then I got on to show her how it was done. See video to witness my dummy roping expertise.

I gave him a really good walk out and hose down after that, since it was 75 and really muggy out and he was warm, then took him out to graze.

Fran showed me some massage things on Bobby for the future, and there are definiteley some I'll use around his back, neck, and stifles. Hopefully that will help him in the long run.

Thursday, (yesterday) I almost didn't get to go to the barn, even though it was sunny and in the mid-fifties. I had zero gas, and we weren't sure if an auto-withdrawl had gone through on the twentieth or the twenty second. But fortunately, it went through today and Hubby was able to get twenty out for me for gas to go out. Of course, this was after I had mowed our one acre yard with our push mower, walked the dogs around the "block" (about a mile), and had been cleaning like a crazy woman. I was exhausted. But I went out anyway because I didn't want to waste a sunny day that I could use the arena to work with Bobby.

Just before I headed out, Fran texted me that Pick was going to get put down that afternoon. He was putting all his weight on his good leg which was making it not good, and he kept going down. So she got some sense and put him down at the barn and had him hauled away. Sad, but at least he's not suffering anymore.

I lunged Bobby with side reins on pretty loose, then loosened them up some more and got on with them still on. GASP!! I know, I know. Let me finish my ride before I explain. We did a really nice w/t with alot of energy, and of course a decent headset. His canter to the R was good, as almost always. We went one full lap around the entire arena, then did one twenty meter circle. I loosened up the right side so he had no excuse not to bend to the left, then picked up the canter. Yuck. Still horrible. Falling over, cutting corners, swapping leads, fighting the bit, the whole nine yards. I even made sure I kept my hands really still. I think I need to shortern my stirrups some because my legs were getting so tired trying to hold him up. It didn't finish on a good note, but I made sure I wasn't fighting him.

Then, I got ambitious and took him over the 2'6 oxer I have been jumping Red over. He went over....and took both rails with him. But I gave him a huge pat and told him what a good boy he was for trying. I put the poles up again, and he jumped....about two feet OVER the jump. I landed with no right stirrup and my right leg over the cantle of the saddle. Yes, I stayed on, and yes I told him good boy since he did go over, but oooouuuuccchhh! My poor thigh! We went over again, and I pulled a fistful of mane out because he jumped crazy again. After that, for self-preservation, I took the back rail down and used it as a ground rail, left one side up at 2'3, dropped the other to the last hole, and took him over that. Fran came out then and was able tog ive me some feed back. She said he was waiting to jump until he was practically on top of the jump, which is why he was going so big and crazy. Back to...what? A month ago? "Carly, make sure you RIDE Bobby over jumps! He's not Red!" So I picked his distance for him and he jumped GREAT! Duh. I went once more, then let it go at that.

I'll get to my hunter v. eventer vent blog later.

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