Friday, April 8, 2011

Helmet cams not as exciting as they seem...

...and yet I still want one for my birthday (June 2, for those that may be interested in buying me one.) I used my regular camera and just held it in my hand while I rode in the gamelands today. All it is is cantering, so maybe jumping would be more exciting, but all you can see with those things are the horse's ears and grass. If I get one, I'm going to look around like crazy and put my head on upside down when I jump so you can get the full awesomeness of it.

                               Watch with the sound off! Wind + head cold do not make for good background noise.

I alternated between trotting one field and cantering the next, and so on, today. I cantered him back except for the last three fields. I walked, then trotted, then hand-galloped (Bobby's hand gallop would make him a good hunter--his ten foot long neck sticking straight up in the air would not.). My saddle slid way bak again, even though there were no hills, I made sure the girth was nice and snug, and I even put the saddle a little farther forward than it should have been to compensate! Oi.

The highest point of his withers, where his saddle started.

I'm thinking I need to rig a baling twine breastplate soon.
Got back to the barn and Fran was there giving Pick Off a bath. His leg is half the size it was yesteday and he was putting alot more weight on it--even his entire weight when he went to kick her with his good leg. I think both the sweat and the meds helped. She called a different vet/clinic, and he's coming out tomorrow to x-ray. He also gave her a bottle of SMZs for today and tomorrow.

The bandage slid down because that much swelling went down. The sweeling is big, but yesterday was even bigger.

I gave Red another curry after annoying him for awhile. He likes the attention.

I ordered the B-L Pellets from SmartPak today since I needed more U-Gard. Thanks to COTH, I got a huge discount: OMEG50OFF2 -- 50% first two months for supplements. Holler! I also ordered a full cheek snaffle for Bobby from State Line Tack and bit keepers and got $5.00 off on that order with a google search for a coupon. Aaaand....we're picking up the trailer either tonight or tomorrow morning. How do you have so much money, you ask? (like $50 for those four things is alot.) Another hay check is on the way, and our buyer thinks he might be able to get another full load out. Woo hoo!                                                            

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