Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nothing too exciting

CL's daughter was supposed to have a lesson on Bobby today, but since it was pouring out yet again, she had to cancel. I went out to the barn anyway for lack of anything better to do, and to drop off the rest of the grain. I groomed both ponies till they were glowing, then I took Bobby outside to lunge.

I put the side reins on him again and he instantly tucked his head in; not to his chest, or in an ugly way--just like he knew what was coming. Once he got trotting, he loosened up and stretched out a little more and started to relax his poll and start swinging his stride better. Again, he went better to the right, but I was happy with both ways this time. (We only did w/t since the arena was sloppy.)

I loosened the side reins up even more so they were barely wiggling the bit with his head and neck totally relaxed and stretched out, then went w/t each way again. You could see him trying to figure that one out; he'd feel his bit get tugged on when he put his nose out, so he'd bring his head into a really nice frame like he does when they're shorter. Then he wouldn't feel anything and he'd test it again, then bring it back in again. By the end, he was just trotting around in his shorter-rein-frame completely relaxed.

Now, I know after only doing this for three days he's not insta-fixed, but you can tell he 's totally figuring out what he's supposed to do. Now he just needs his muscle to start building up so he can do it with me on his back.

I did some spring cleaning in the tack room today. I emptied my tack box, made a pile of what to wash at home, scrubbed all my boots and bits, cleaned tack, and rearranged everything to make it more accessible.

I helped Fran wrap Pick's leg since he was obviously hurting still and he didn't want it touched. Yes, he is still alive. She was going to take him out to be put down this weekend, but her boyfriend's cousin's backhoe broke down so they wouldn't be able to bury him. Then she's talking about having to go buy more bute and linament for him since she's almost out. Um, why waste the money if you know you're going to put him down?! Whatever. I guess it's not my money so it doesn't matter. His leg has started swelling again, and the vet said his kidney's are shutting down which is why he's not peeing. All the hair is also falling off around it.

I played with Red and Robert for awhile, just wandering around the barn amusing myself while I waited for the rain to die down some.

May I please have some cookies?

What're yah doing?

Playing with the crossties.
The road to the barn was flooded and closed.

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