Thursday, February 24, 2011


"My!" you say. "You must have been overachieving to get back from the barn my 9:30 today!" Eh. Not really. While I do get up at 5:30 every morning thanks to Hubby's job, but I don't usually even get to the barn until 10:30. However, it's supposed to rain starting this afternoon and not quit for a week so I was going to head out early, get a good dressage schooling in on Bobby and poke around on Red, and let that be that. I got dressed, tamed the hair into a braid that would fit under my helmet, threw on the muck boots, and promptly remembered I had almost no gas left. Uggghhhh. Yet another no-gas-the-day-before-payday day.

I checked the guage thinking I might have enough to get away with it, but it takes me almost to-the-dot a quarter tank of gas to get to the barn and back and I had just under a quarter. And yesterday I emptied the House Fund enevelope to get there. Of course, there was only $42 in it to begin with, but it's still a bummer.

Our lease on our house now runs out in June, and as long as our landlady doesn't fill the "apartment"/"house"/"shed" that's probably 15' from our back door, we'll probably renew the lease anyway. It's an awesome remodeled school house, the dogs and cats are allowed, she stays out of our way, BUT she hasn't sent us our electric since the first one in October. Running arout $100-$120/mo. I can't imagine why. She better know she's not getting paid all those months in bulk. We've even asked her to send them to us! Whatever. Her loss, certainly not ours.

Which brings us to the question: WHY did you decide to event? Well, if you only knew how far up we've moved over the past couple of years, anything seems like an attainable goal now. Hubby and I just have to plan and budget waaaay ahead of time. Which means we have to sit down this weekend and figure out how to pay for/get to Bobby's first x-country schooling next month, and get to the Equine Affaire the month after that.

Best Hubby ever, if nothing else goes right. At least he understands all free money must go to ponies!

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