Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 4

No barn today. It dropped to the low 20s and it is craaazy windy outside. Which is a bummer because it's really sunny and it looks like it should be nice to go outside; I hate days like this--they're such a tease. Last night also dropped an inch of snow on top of the melted, churned up, and then refrozen slush we had yesterday, so there just wouldn't have been anything to do. At least not when you're trying to save on gas money!

It's supposed to still be cold for the rest of the week, but no wind, so maybe I'll be able to get up to the barn and hack down the road if the arena is still covered in ice. I'll probably also check out the field to see what the footing there is like.

I have a dentist appointment today, which would have cut my riding time short anyway since it's at a weird time. I hate the dentist. Hopefuly it's short and sweet.....and cheap. I don't have insurance!

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