Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 12

65 outside today. Only supposed to be 30 tomorrow--which I actually am looking forward to! I hope it firms up the arena footing so I can finally get a good schooling in, jumping or otherwise. I cleaned out my tack trunk while waiting for Bobby to finish eating because I knew it would be pointless to bother with Red without an arena.

Talked to Rude Woman about one of her daughter's using Bobby for a w/t lesson once a week while one of her stupid babies finishes with training. She'll pay me for it, so as long as it stays at w/t and once a week, I'm willing to scrap up any sort of money I can, even if it's ten extra bucks a week. It won't be until April-ish anyway when the weather sorts itself out for good. Her trainer will get on him first to see how he goes, and I'll be there to watch that, and I'll watch her daughter ride first before I make a final decision, but I really need any sort of extra money to help with showing, supplements, shipping, vet, etc.

Took Bobby on a longer trail ride today, and he was a little quick first going out, but calmed down once he figured out what was going on. Took him on all different trails today and he never once balked. Pretty slick from the mud, but for being Bobby he handled himself fairly well. Best of all, he was a PRO for water. He could have cared less if I made him walk through ankle-deep water the whole way or on soild dry ground. I got some good trotting in, totally relaxed, and we headed back with no problems. Still can't wait to use the arena though!

Hubby is on a semi-paid-for ski trip to Vermont this weekend. One of the guys that works with the company Hubby works for is paying for lif tickets and hotel room for him a bunch of other CPS guys, but Hubby still has to fill up his behemoth of a truck to drive the 7 hours up there and funds from both checking accounts are rapidly approaching the two digit marks and payday isn't until next Friday.

                                                    Far more interested in eating than spooking.

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