Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 15

Short, chill rides on both caballos today. Worked on flying changes again with Red, and he was doing those pretty well. He needs some lateral work work, since I think he's getting a little stiff at his leg yields and sticking a little bit. But overall not bad. Hubby pulled in just as I was getting done and stopped by to say hi for a few minutes.  He had the intern with him... setting a good work ethic example, as always. ; ]

Debated on whether or not to put the draw reins on Bobby and get another dressage schooling in, or try a little jumping. Decided to go for the jumping--just wasn't in the mood for more going around and around in circles. I used Red's elevator bit today because of how unresponsive he was to the slow twist yesterday. No standing martingale. I'm a little at-odds of going up with his bit again because I don't want to make his mouth hard, but I guess the elevator is still pretty kind, just leverage when you need it. He responded a lot better to the elevator for adjustments. I only tried lengthening and shortening at the trot once each way, but he was doing it pretty well. One canter circle each way, and he nailed it the first time each way, so I left it at that.

Took him at the trot to the x-rail and for the first time ever he refused! It was my fault. I had the crop in my hand, but just wasn't in the mindset yet. He died right before it, I didn't use my leg or stick, and I was staring right at the jump. Circled him quickly, sent him back to it. He almost died again, but I gave him a smack and he crashed over it--first time taking a rail down! Ugh. Put the rail back up and sent him to it again. Really big, disorganized jump, but we got over. Sent him again. Finally got it right! Went once more at the trot and he was good, so I decided to try at the canter. He cantered up until about 2 strides out, fell into a trot, and went over. Tried approaching at the canter again, but he fell out of it turning towards the jump so I let him trot up to it. Went a little lazy and caught a rail again, so I moved on to the vertical so I wouldn't have to get off and on again.

The vertical is only around 2'. He popped over it the first time, but brought the rail down. Again my fault because of not enough leg, but I was proud he went over it without a question. Put the rail back up and sent him at it again from the other direction. Gave him a good squeeze with my legs and really sent him to it, and he jumped it beautifully!! Left it at that, with lots of cookies afterwards.

I need to remember that this is a green baby who doesn't know what jumping is and I have to ride him like that. It's been several years since I retrained Red to jump so it's just got to be hammered back into my head. It's nice I have such a willing, understanding baby to work with.

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