Monday, February 21, 2011

Flurries? I don't think so.

The weather man said flurries with a chance of some rain. Uh...there are four inches of snow in my yard. I don't count that as flurries!

No barn today. I don't feel like dealing with the snow today, and I still feel rather peeved about the whole barn situation. Instead, I took the emergency Tractor Supply credit card and went on a shopping spree. The dogs and cats both needed to be wormed (The dogs have been itching and chewing non-stop for the past week now. If worming and the flea baths don't help, they're going to the vet.) and the horses are due soon, too. Plus, I had a list of pony things I needed. I got Bobby a mineral block (Red has a 50lb one. He really likes to lick things.) and a set of standing wraps (not the quilts because they didn't have any) in navy which wasn't a number one choice of color, but they were on sale. I also got shampoo, show sheen, poultice, and hoof oil, all of which I ran out of awhile ago. And wormer of course.

I think that makes me pretty much set on basic supply needs. Sa-weet! Now for the vet soon as a few extra hundred rolls around. Ugh.

P.S. Anyone want to sponsor their SmartPaks? Bobby's is only $98 a month and Red's is $42. That is, if I could afford to order them. Bobby's is Smart Repair (for stifles), U-Gard (ulcers), and Biotin Plus (feet). Red's is Fluid Action HA (legs) and Grow and Gleam or something (to put some weight back on him. He's looking really ribby lately. Grrr.). Bobby's already on the Biotin Plus, and that's only $60 every two months or so! What a deal. ::eyerollhere:: Bobby also needs shoes.

Wait, I thought I was crossing things off here!

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