Sunday, February 27, 2011

Days 16 and 17

Took Bobby on a hack yesterday. Left at the same time another woman was getting on her horse to ride around the field. Bobby was watching her, but he was totally unconcerned about leaving and going off on his own. We did have a minor breakdown when an amish buggy trotted by. His heart was slamming out of his chest, and he kept trying to spin around to go back home, but I won in the end, and once the buggy disappeared around the corner, he totally forgot about it. Trotted almost all the way down the trail a mile, then turned around and trotted the whole mile back. He was only a little sweaty by his girth when we got back, but I did let him have a long walk back to cool out.

Today, Hubby got on Red and I got on Bobby and we went out for a hack together. Both boys were really good, even when Hubby and I had a lack of communication and both went different ways; neither horse had a problem walking away from the other. Bobby had no problem falling behind Red, even though he likes to be the trail blazer, but I think it was mostly becaue he couldn't keep up. Red maaaybe sticks at 16hh, and Bobby's a pretty solid 17hh, but Red has a monster stride and he can easily out walk anyone. I think Bobby got more work just stretching his legs at the walk trying to keep Red in sight than yesterday when he was trotting. I made him trot through a big puddle, which he willingly did, and we trotted next to Red for a little bit without trying to race, which was a relief.

                                            Bobby says, "Wait for me!"

Went back and Hubby wanted to ride a little in the arena, so we went out there.

                                            The boys headed to the arena.

Red was being a princess about doing more work than he wanted, so Hubby stopped and I popped Bobby over the fences a few times. I STILL have to keep reminding myself that he's green, green, green! He got quick the first time to the x-rail and he jumped huge, which I wasn't ready for. So I rode a little too slow the next couple times around and he pretty much just cantered over them. After knocking over a pole for the second time, I knew he needed to pick up his feet, so I put him to the vertical. He got a little close to it the first time, but went over pretty well. Second time he jumped huuuuged, but cantered off great, so I let him leave it at that. I think he was tired anyway.

                                              First time over vertical.

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