Wednesday, October 15, 2014

.wmv Wednesday

It's like Wordless Wednesday, only not at all! Instead it's like, "Prop the camera on the arena rail and take videos of questionable quality of yourself to share on your blog doing questionably (and by that I mean not at all) interesting things because you've got nothing else going on in the pony world Wednesday."

But that makes for a much too long title.

It was nasty muggy and hot out yesterday. I was kind of okay with this because it meant that it was finally hot enough to give my disgustingly dirty, hairy, pee soaked horse a bath. I can't wait to clip him and sheet him. I love grooming, but not when you see zero results afterwards.

Bobby though? Bobby was like some bitchy white girl that was all, "I can't. I's too hot. I literally cannot."

"where's my scarf and PSL to go with these fleece boots?"

So in the continuing spirit of doing fun things instead of real work things, I set up a simple 2'6" vertical with a flower box under it (not that he would find such a thing scary, as he was busy eating the fake flowers out of the other box). Then I eyed up the three traffic barrels in the corner. Stand them up together to make a big orange vertical thing? Meh. Too ambitious for the gross weather and sleepy horse. Instead I rolled them out on their sides one stride apart apiece without poles to secure them (just to make Beka pull her hair out).

straightness is our middle name

After getting Bobby feeling a little more alive fired up on the flat, I started introducing the barrels. Bobby's gone over these on their sides tons of times, so when I angled him in for the last one in line he simply cantered over it without issue. I added on the middle barrel, but he jumped the air next to it and only took the last one instead.

It took a couple more tries for him to catch on to what I was asking. He wasn't being naughty at all, it was just like he was confused about where the fuck I wanted his feet to go. But it didn't take long at all before it simply clicked in his head and he cantered excitedly through.

Such a game dude. He really makes accuracy questions easy for me because he's always looking for a jump to go over.

After running through those, we did the little vertical twice each way by itself before calling it quits after all of twenty minutes of riding.

I was more excited to suds up the ponito than I was to ride, I'm not going to lie. Unfortunately I stupidly left my camera back in my car and then was too lazy to walk back down to get it, so you miss out on Fat Horse in a Little Irish Knit pictures.

However, I can deliver some Clean Horse in Awkward Poses pictures to close this out:


  1. Ahaha! I have this image of Bobby sipping coyly from a Starbucks cup and blinking big lashed eyes over the top. "Who, me? Basic?"

  2. Replies
    1. (Actually, I set jumps at this last show and I had only a minor freak out when the barrels didn't have a pole behind them. Progress?)

  3. Fantastic awkward poses Bobby!

  4. He may be awkward at posing but he kicks ass at barrels... sideways or upright!

  5. I love how he's all SKIPPITY DOO DAH through the barrels.

  6. I'm loving the ears in the second to last pic!

  7. Go Bobby! He's so casual over those barrels. Badass.

  8. I love how you say "little"... I'm so behind on the jumping game.

  9. haha that's awesome. i suspect isabel would jump a sideways barrel no standards... probably eventually. but she would FLY over them, whereas Bobby barely registers them as speed bumps lol

  10. He just cruises through those barrels =)


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