Friday, October 31, 2014

October Review, November Goals

I usually post these the first of the month, but the first of November is a Saturday and I hate weekend posting. So Friday it! Remind me of that when I go back at the end of November and I can't find this post to see what my goals were.

Potential blonde moment?

Every day of my life.

October Review:

1. Just chill, bro. We spent the majority of our time randomly hacking around our cross country field or trail riding to keep his hind end strengthened, but not doing anything that required much brain power. If it rained, I either didn't ride or we plodded around the indoor doing fun things with friends. Totes chilled.

November Goals:

1. Ride a lap every ride without stirrups. I actually stole this from Karen at Bay with Chrome's October goals, but since it's now No Stirrup November, I'm going to steal it. I also know I won't be pulling my stirrups off, so it's sort of like participating.

2. Canter to trot transitions. Wow, our dressage sucks right now. One of the biggest issues I'm running into is Bobby splatting onto his forehand coming out of the canter and then racing into the trot to balance himself. Must fix.

3. Find a bit to get us through the winter dressage doldrums. I hate bit switching. I hate bits. I'll probably be doing a lot of work in the hackamore, but I at least want to figure out something for bitted days.

And that's all I've got for this month. Having just come back into work, I haven't rediscovered a lot of problems I'm sure we'll run into.


  1. a no-stirrups lap every ride is ambitious - good luck! my own version of 'no stirrups november' will probably be a tad wimpier than that lol

  2. Do share the tricks for improving the downward transition, as Hemie and I are really struggling with that too right now!

  3. Love the photo montage...forget the colours of fall - we get the annual colours of Bobby. Way awesomer (and i love autumn leave colours)

  4. I'm going to re-steal what you stole from me and *really* try to ride a lap of no stirrups every ride in November! Because it did not exactly happen in October ...


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