Thursday, October 9, 2014

B&BS Blog Hop: Quirky Horse

Late to the game, but I really wanted to participate in this great blog hop from Breeches and Boat Shoes! Bobby is nothing if not quirky. In fact, I have several other adjectives for him, but we'll go with "quirky" for the sake of the blog hop.

Some of his quirks include:

  • The Look. Often done from an unasked-for halt, Bobby has patented this move. He very expressively looks back over his shoulder and lets you know just what he's thinking. Usually it's something along the lines of, "You're stupid and I hate you. I'm giving you five seconds to reconsider your request before I either do what I want, or we go flying backwards. Choose wisely."
"what, bitch?"
  • If he hasn't gotten his morning nap--something he takes very seriously, complete with such loud snoring that BO has gotten concerned calls about the horrible noise he makes--he often falls asleep in the crossties to the point where you have to give him a good shove to make sure he doesn't fall over.
  • When I pick up his front feet to put them on the hoof stand, he has to have a good stretch first. I stretch him before every ride so he thinks this is perfectly acceptable, but the first few times he did it, he almost pulled me over.
  • He won't drink water after a ride until he's had a peppermint.
  • He takes longer to eat apples than I do. He eats them like a princess with tiny, delicate bites.
  • He is seriously obsessed with one of the mares in the barn. If she's not in heat and is choosing to ignore him that day, he resorts to licking or sucking on the blankets hanging off her stall instead of trying to stuff his nose in between the bars of her stall. Such a perv.
  • He always poops after a workout within ten seconds of getting in the barn. I work around this by hustling him into his stall and untacking him there.
  • He loves carbonated drinks. Mountain Dew is his favorite. As soon as he hears someone open a bottle, he's all over them.
  • And on that note, he is SO NOSY. He has to be involved in absolutely everything you do, and if you're close enough, he has no problems stuffing his giant head over your shoulder to be more involved. 
some horses would be afraid of a giant ladder with a man on it hanging
 a strange object in their stall. bobby's just like, "ooh. ahh. what fun!"

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head! 


  1. Love Robert and his quirks! :)

  2. At least he keeps you amused!

  3. Guinness always takes one poop immediately after the girth is taken off. It's just normal, now. However, this means that he does not poop in the arena while we ride. Bonus! #sillytbthings

  4. hahahaha..... love his mountain dew face

  5. I love quirky horses! And the fact that he drinks mountain dew out of a bottle.

  6. Bahaha! I love his quirks!

  7. Haha, what silly pony. I like the way he eats his apples.

  8. The quirky ones are the best! Mine prefers carbonated adult Mike's Hard...

  9. Suzie does the head turning thing too!!!

  10. Might have to join in on this one!!

  11. I love that head turn. I get it from Rom too. "Oi. Human. What?"

  12. Love it. Oh Bobby. Even quirkier than we knew.

  13. Love it..I get that head turn too like "HUH?? That is a dumb request so I'll give you the wild eye while you figure this out and I wait."
    Your writing had me laughing out loud, per usual

  14. I love my quirky ones! Beware of the ones not afraid of the ladder though cause one of mine wasn't and the guy had quite a bruised butt when she took a bite of him! In her defense I always kept carrots in my back pocket and he had some keys there. Lol


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