Monday, October 6, 2014

Introducing Mags

Hubby and I have been seriously debating for the last week or so on whether or not to get another dog. From our side, the automatic answer when someone asked if we were going to get one after Darcy died was a resounding no. No dog is ever going to replace the Baby K, and it felt like we were cheating on her memory even thinking about it.

But we're not the only family members we had to consider. Pig had been absolutely miserable without her sister. She moped around in the house, and when she wasn't laying around morosely, she was clingy as hell. When we put her outside, she'd lay on the porch at the back door waiting for you to come outside with her or to just let her back in. She'd engage in play, but the second Hubby or I moved on to something else, it was back to a sad puppy dog.

a friend to play ball with!

So we casually started browsing craigslist and the local papers. We checked out the shelter. We weren't tied to a certain breed of dog. We knew we wanted a puppy, and we knew it had to be a female. That was about the extent of our search criteria.

Finally, on Thursday, I saw an ad on craigslist for a "Mixed breed puppy". I clicked on it out of curiosity and saw a picture of what looked like some sort of black shepherd mix. The ad said she was 12 weeks old, first shots, wormed, crate trained, and friendly. That was about it. I showed the ad to Hubby who was like, "Meh."

retrieved from the hedgerow after chasing the cat

I emailed anyway mostly out of curiosity. The woman said the puppy was a German Shepherd/ Great Pyrenees. She got the puppy to be a companion for her Rottweiler, but the Rotty turned out to be dog aggressive and kept going after the puppy. I talked to Hubby again, and for whatever reason we agreed it just felt right.

We went to pick her up Saturday morning, and were surprised at how much bigger she is in person. I grew up with German Shepherds, and we actually had a Pyrenees in high school, but this black bear cub-looking thing gallumping towards us with tail wagging was pretty impressive.

Pig was a little unsure of why the puppy was put in the car with her when we drove away, but once we got home they were immediate besties. They spent the first hour chasing each other around the house, and then the next hour chasing each other around the yard.

It was definitely the right decision for Pig, and who can hold a grudge against a puppy? Darcy will always, always be the best dog, but Mags is another dog--a different dog, and we love her too.

As for how we named her, it was very scientific. First I discussed it with Sarah:



Sarah: Perfect. Add muffin somewhere in there.

Unfortunately that didn't really roll off the tongue. So Hubby and I played our favorite name game--what are female character names from our favorite tv shows? Darcy and Emily were named for people from the show Jericho. We decided on Mags from the show Justified. We're nerds. It's okay.

"ponehs. i just can't."

So far she's settled in like she's been here her whole life. She's very impressed with the cats, but the cats are old pros at dogs and they just look at her like, "Whatever, stupid canine. You're about to get yelled at, not me." when she barks in their face. She whined for a few seconds when she got locked out of the bedroom the first night, but went downstairs and slept on the couch all night without having to go out for a bathroom break once.

Hopefully it continues to be smooth sailing. She wicked smart, super friendly, and most importanly she's making Pig a very happy puppy again.

Also, make sure you check out Viva Carlos's contest! 1,000 posts whaaaaat! Mags is going to need an adorbs winter coats obvi.


  1. There is nothing more frustrating than to see one dog depressed without a playmate. I currently struggle with that dilemma, so I'm glad you were able to find the perfect puppy to be Pig's new best friend. Mags is very adorable and seems like she is fitting in well!

  2. I'm ridiculously happy to know someone who watched Jericho.

    And oh my gosh I need that puppy.

    1. Seriously obsessed! One of my favorite shows!

  3. My current dogs are Darcy and Emma and my previous dogs were Abbie and Maggie. We didn't get there by the same route, but I think we like the same names!

    And, oh yeah, next week I'll start riding a horse named Bob...

  4. Never replaced, always remembered but lots of love to give. She's very cute.

  5. Ditto what L said. I can relate to feeling guilty for another dog. After Fred Sonny lost it. If he wasn't mopping around he was searching and crying. I wish I had gotten a dog that was a little more compatible size wise but 2 high energy dogs wouldn't work out in my apt. Hope the new pup continues to make things better around the house. Puppy love does ease the heartache a little I think.

  6. I'm glad Pig has a friend again, and baby Mags is adorable. You can never replace a pet you lose, but you can always make room in your heart for another.

  7. Mags is adorable! It sounds like Pig really appreciates having a friend.

  8. I'm glad Pig has a new friend, and a super cute one at that

  9. Mags is a great name for a female! She looks like the perfect bundle of fluffy goodness to snuggle faces in. And holy crap the puppy kisses, #sojealous.

  10. I am glad that Pigs is doing better. <3 Hugs to you all. Losing a family member is never easy.

  11. Oh my! So cute! Love her. Can't wait to see future adventures.

  12. congrats on the new addition!!! puppies are so good for the soul, and in no way diminish the memory of beloved pets

  13. She is waaaaaaaaaaaay cute!!! Glad y'all found each other :) Also, I used to watch/love/nerd out over Jericho!

    Too much cute
    All the snuggles

  15. that is going to be one BIG dog! Congrats - so adorable!


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