Monday, October 13, 2014

Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What's in a name?

Nothing better than a blog hop when your horse is on semi-vacation! Do you want to instead hear about how we rode in the cross country field twice for about fifteen minutes while working on my two point?


What's the origin of your horse's show name and barn name?

Bobby's registered name with the Jockey Club is Mightybobbymagee. His sire is Mighty Magee, so we played off of that and got Bobby Magee like the song. But my adviser stuck the "Mighty" on the front of it so that everyone would bow down to his sire's greatness when Bobby became a famous racehorse. Or something. (My college stood Mighty Magee at stud.)

I dropped the "Mighty" when I registered him with the USEA because it makes his name too long, and I was firmly on the "Bobby Magee" only train when he was a yearling. Obviously his barn name was pretty easy to come by.

the mighty horse gets checked back approaching a jump.

Since that was kind of boring, I'll also tell you how my last pony--and my heart horse--got his nickname.

Red's Jockey Club name is Eagles Hill. I don't know how he got that. His sire is Boundary and his dam is Releasure. When we went to pick him up from Highcliff, the second he walked out of the barn, my friend and I were like, "His face looks like Secretariat!" Because a chestnut with a stripe automatically equals Secretariat, amirite?

One of Secretariat's nicknames was "Big Red", only our new arrival was tiny. So we started calling him "Little Red" or "Red Pony". We also called him Red Pollard because the word red was in both of those, and I'm blind in one eye just like the jockey Red Pollard, so it all worked in a weird roundabout way.

the cutest pony face ever

I'm pretty lame with horse names. I try to stay as close as possible to the JC names, and their barn names generally are easily derived from there as well. For instance, I've also had a "Storm the Gate" we called Storm. Look out. Originality at its finest.


  1. Wait, wait, back up... You're blind in one eye??! You are like 100x more badass than I thought!

    1. I've been blind in my right eye since birth so it's not like I had to overcome losing my sight or anything. I just occasionally bump into doorways when I'm somewhere I'm not familiar. Not nearly as bad ass as you think. :P

    2. For real tho, still pretty badass!!

  2. Wait.... you are seriously blind in one eye?! Shit, you are amazing!

  3. are awesome! I bump into things constantly even tho I supposedly have great vision.

  4. i mostly suck at coming up with names (for pets, etc), and try to stay as close to what they already have too. anyways, tho - Red is super cute! i haven't been around long enough to know his story, but will perhaps peruse through the archives :)


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