Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fotos: Nekkid

I'm on the same train as Lauren--random post of filler nonsense. Yay! (Although mine lacks fabulous homemade ear bonnets, which simply cannot be competed with.)

After not getting a single piece of mail all week--not even junk mail--I was pretty sure the postal service had once again gone on strike on just my house. That would have been a bummer because I was expecting Modern Family to show up and my door, and more importantly my freshly sharpened clipper blades. But finally! Today they came!

best barn helpers.
that would be mags eating pig's leg, by the way.

I scrubbed the MTG off of Bobby's rump and got to work. I flew through his first side, then let my clippers have a nice rest as I pulled his mane, fed out the rest of the apples I'd brought last week so I could take my crate home, and cleaned up what hair I'd accumulated so far.

it's okay. you can just die of cuteness overload right now. no one will blame you.

I got Bobby re-positioned and switched my clippers back on. They gave me one clean stroke before starting to groan and sloooowwwwllllyyy stttooooppp woooorrrkkkkinnnngg. I was like, "NO!" And then I was like, "FUCKING FUCK STUPID FUCKING QUITTERS!"

So I gave them another little break because these poor things are probably older than I am. Usually I can rip off a clip fast enough that they don't overheat, but I guess that wasn't the case today. I finally tried again and, despite operating on about half power, I managed to get the front half of Bobby finished before they gave me the final salute. Fortunately, BO let me borrow her body clippers to finish up so I didn't have to sit around for three hours for my clippers to revive themselves.

Bobby got a soapy bath afterwards to wash off all the itchy hair, and then got tucked into his cooler to roast in the sun and dry a bit while I picked up my shit.

he loves bath time. obviously.

I exchanged the cooler for his scrim and took him for a graze to finish drying.

okay, so it might be slightly too small for him

but it was free so i'll take it.

Thirty minutes later he got tick repellent smeared on all points of his body and his turnout sheet strapped on.

"there are horsies out there! i've never seen those before!"
(also, he never fails to look anorexic when i try to take pictures of him. i assure you he's not.)

"oh. did you want something?"

This weekend we do some real work again! Yay!


  1. My big clippers are giving me fits right now. I think I have to send them in to be repaired because of course no one in Idaho fixes new fangled things like clippers. Sigh.

  2. Hahhahahahahah omg that scrim! I have one that I don't think I'll be using that will fit him. If you want it let me know and I'll send it to you for shipping monies.

  3. Great clipping job! LOL I love that scrim sheet, ahah!

  4. I want you to know that I laughed when I got to the photo of the scrim. It's adorable.

  5. Quitting clippers are the worst.

  6. hahahaha 'does this scrim sheet make my butt look big??' - bobby

  7. Great clipping job! Apollo is getting clipped by a friend of mine this week...for the first time will be so weird to see him clipped.

  8. HAHA that scrim sheet. I love free stuff

  9. Nothing worse than clippers quitting mid-clip!

    1. PS: the scrim is fine! Mini skirts are all the rage amongst equines this season lol ;)

  10. Foster got clipped this weekend too! Yay for non (less) fuzzy ponies!


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