Friday, April 4, 2014

Used and Abused.

This will probably come as a serious shock to ye olde blog readers, but I'm not always a heartless slave driver who gets into fights with her horse over the simplest of things. Often, yes, but not always. No, not even often. Just often as of late.

But today I was a very generous mother and rewarded a very confused Bobby for rare good behavior during a flat ride.

I stuck Bobby on the longe for his warm up since it was chilly and raining making our trail ride warm up out of the question for the day. After ten minutes on the line (check that off the goals list), I got on and I had him walk across the diagonal out of every corner. This was the cause of the blow up Wednesday where he went flailing into the corner, refused to move forward, went shooting backwards, and scraped his buns on a jump standard. All because I wanted him to walk in a straight line while we changed directions.

I know. I am a cruel mistress.

He was calm about the entire situation today though, so on to the trot we went. Right away he stepped into a big, forward trot. He was light in the contact and round over his back. He was gently mouthing the bit instead of gnashing it like a crazy rage monster.

happy horse foamies.

Canter? Quiet depart, steady rhythm. Back to the trot? Quiet downward transition, steady rhythm. A touch quick? A light half halt with my seat settled him right back down. Lengthen the trot? Just a squeeze of the legs to go forward and a squeeze of my seat to come back.

I rode him for only ten minutes before getting off. We did a few circles at the canter, a few laps at the trot, and lots of changes of directions. He did nothing wrong and was so willing to do whatever I asked that I scrapped everything else and let him know what a good boy he was.

My two big changes were taking my spurs off and switching the half pad back to my Ecogold. The panels of his saddle have been causing little rubs on his back while I've been using just a riser pad in front. I know his saddle is a touch wide for him--hence the half pad--so I guess I was just unbalancing the saddle by using the wrong pad. He seemed much happier to go back in the Ecogold.

But there you have it: proof that I don't always torture Bobby Magee.

brown pony lovings.
but red pony lovings are still the best.


  1. Aw Bobby texted me and said he felt very validated now :)

  2. Who is this Bobby you speak of, and that red pony <3

  3. Yay for a good ride! Maybe I should take the ecogold away for a few rides to see if he appreciates more after that. :p

  4. Smart...ending it on a good note is a smart, good rider!! That last photo made my heart swell...bittersweet but lovely.


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