Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Review, April Goals

March goals recap:

1. Reintroduce lateral work. I did reintroduce lateral work, but I really wanted the leg yields to completely solid. Since that didn't happen, though we're working on it, I'm not crossing this off yet.

2. Memorize dressage tests. Yep. I haven't ridden through 2-1 yet, but I know it.

3. Course work. Thanks to the perpetual continuation of winter, I wasn't able to do this in the outdoor, but we did a lot of awesome work in the indoor. We even did a clinic that focused on course work!

4. Terrain work. No cross country course because of the aforementioned weather, but every day we walk hills. I'm counting that.

April goals:

1. Time dressage warm up. I want a solid time that goes from longeing to when Bobby is soft and working. That way, once show season starts the first weekend of May, I'll know how much time I need to get him going his best.

2. Be completely comfortable jumping 3' courses. With our short standards, it's just a mind game for me. I need more mileage for my brain to be seriously confident.

3. Trot sets. With how much the weather doesn't want to do anything but go around and bitch slap people, this may be ambitious, but our first event is May 11. We need to get some cardio work going on!

4. Solidify leg yields. They will be conquered.


  1. Great goals! It seems like you're close to reaching most of them. Good luck!

  2. Awesome goals!
    I really should swt some for myself - I'd keep it simple & achievable at first namely RIDE horses something I am not getting to do enough of due to work kicking my butt & making me stay late

  3. Oh Trot sets.. get that cardio on girl!

  4. Good goals! I should set some of those eventually.

  5. Leg yields are my kryptonite. Bah. Good luck this month!


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