Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hooves and a Week of Riding

Okay, so it hasn't technically been a full week, but I'm planning on doing a jump school tomorrow so hopefully that will warrant its own post.

I have been riding my lady balls off all week, but I just haven't had the motivation to write about it. Mostly because I've been busy with other things in life--which happens so very rarely--but also because I haven't really been that busy riding my lady balls off.

Bobby had Monday off, and on Tuesday we had a dressage school where the one and only focus was getting him off my left rein. He takes advantage of the fact that my left shoulder is one of the most useless parts of my body and has zero strength in it by pulling....and pulling, and pulling, and I just keep letting my reins slip through my fingers because it hurts too bad to give him any sort of connection when he gets heavy.

Then I notice that my reins are six inches longer than when I started, so I shorten them back up and he throws a fit because I shortened my reins. Rinse and repeat.

and here is a random picture from the weekend that has nothing to do with anything,
just to break up a wall of text.

I finally decided I'd try some dreaded counter bend to see if I could lighten him up that way since any sort of lateral work currently causes mass hysteria and therefore cannot be utilized. Counter bend? Bobby decided that on Tuesday it was acceptable, and he lightened up right away. We were able to run through Novice B and Training B, had a saunter up the hill, and called it quits.

Yesterday we went up to the cross country field for the first time in for-ev-er. I didn't plan on doing much since it was our first time up there in so long, but I had to get both of us out and back over real terrain again. We've been riding all winter long, but no amount of arena work compares to cantering up and down hills.

Bobby was a complete monster the entire time showing off his extended trot, extended canter, and extended "I'm half a second from running off with you" gallop. Who knew being back out in the field could be so very exciting? We jumped the little line of logs a couple of times, but the ground is still so slick up there that I didn't feel comfortable doing anything else.

But here's some crappy helmet cam footage of the last line we did:

I need to adjust the mount on it again. The stupid lock button does not want to stay in place so it's not at a great angle.

Today, to give my pathetically sore calves a break, I decked out Bobby in his driving outfit.

i was waving my arm around trying to get him to pose as bm stood there laughing.
she was like, "you don't need to get him to pose. he looks just like an amish horse right now!"

We both got to stretch our muscles after a hard workout the day before, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, and do something that Bobby is really good at. I ground drove him all over the place for about thirty minutes and he was a superstar. He remembered his "gee" and "haw", and he stood patiently each time I asked him for a whoa. Maybe the cart will come out this weekend? He hasn't been hitched since last August, so I might just wait for a day when BM can help me.

all terrain driving horse.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for....updated hoof pictures!

time for more thrust treatment in the RF!
these actually don't look as bad in person, though they look pretty miserable here.

I can't wait for the event lines to finish growing out so I can stop telling people "Those were caused by my previous farrier! He hasn't foundered, and he's no longer getting done in a way that's going to cause those. Look at the pretty new growth. Look at it."

Also, I just really wish he'd grow some heel. But at least he's sound on them!


  1. Love that he's finally got some heel on those fronts! Hooray for sound barefoot ponies.

  2. His feet look so good! Also, he does look a bit Amish in that one picture...

  3. Feet look good - doesn't look like he needs too much more heel, and your beveling is looking lovely! I love his exuberance in the XC field =)

  4. Bobby in his driving stuff - love it!

  5. The new growth is exactly what I was looking at thinking, hot damn looks good. Sadly though the lack of socks in this post leaves me empty inside, though photogenic bobby almost, ALMOST makes up for it.

    1. Since I wasn't riding I was just wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Total fail, I know.

  6. First... I hate watching your helmet came videos because I WANT ONE SO BAD! Hehehe, Second, his feet look awesome. I'm so impressed.

  7. Love that pic of him looking unhappy in his driving attire :)

    1. That's not his unhappy face. That's his everyday Bobby face. Sorry your horse isn't as naturally attractive as mine. ;)

  8. Loki and I do that same rein exercise lots too, over and over and over!

    And, Bobby seriously looks grumpy in the driving picture, lol.

  9. Pretty cool he can wear all that harness!

    Regarding the left rein - when he tries to balance in it - just give it away. The rein in which is doesn't want to take up is the hollow rein, so take more contact in that and every time he leans or pulls on the left, just give it away. After one or two rides they quickly learn to be even in the contact. Might be worth a shot trying.

  10. ROFL. He does look like an Amish horse ... bahahaha

  11. Carry his feet are looking SO much better! Heels down and toes back more on both fronts. Toe back more on the hinds. Already looking so much better from last time. New growth on hinds is absolutely terrific!!


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