Saturday, April 19, 2014

Going Sideways

But in a good way!

not in a "fuck you, evil whore" way!

Ever since the reintroduction of a dressage saddle, Bobby has been taking his role as a dressage horse very seriously, and damn is he fancy. Maybe I was giving him a complex by trying to ride a dressage test in a jump saddle?

Who knows the mysterious ways Bobby's brain works.

I rode him in the outdoor Friday, and he was having a little bit of a baby brain going on. He could occasionally see the horses in the indoor, and there were quite a few people around bringing horses in and out which caused much googly eyes and giant mule ears swiveling around towards anything but me. Not that he was scared by any of this, of course, it was just something far more exciting than having to bend properly.

After a good, long canter where we did several counter canter loops and simple changes, he was finally ready to get to work. I was like, "Thank goodness I brought my dressage tests up. It's going to be awesome to practice these while he's being so good."

Then I was like, "Mother fucker. My dressage tests are still in my locker."

I was trying to remember how any of the tests went (because apparently if I can't at least glance at them I remember nothing. YOU KNOW NOTHING, JOHN SNOW CARLY.) while wandering around in circles  until Bobby got very bored with the whole thing and parked himself in the middle. Normally I try not to let him come to a full and complete stop during a ride because he tends to think he's done. When I ask him to go back to work, he's all, "No, no. I don't know how to do anything correctly. You already warmed me up? I already did what you're asking? Pretty sure no. Now admire my beautiful llama face."

But yesterday he stepped right back into work where we'd left off.

And let me say, it was ballin'. Is Bobby now agreeing to shoulder in? Yes. Is he leg yielding both on and off the rail? Shit yeah he is! He was a leg yielding machine yesterday which earned him all the patties in the world.

shit yeah, dora!

Sooo....I went ahead and sent in my entry for First for the dressage show May 4th. I told BO I was going to show there on my way out and she told me L--owner of Bobby's favorite lady horse in the whole entire universe, Tasha--was also going to it to show Training. Since BO is trailering them, she said to just give her some gas money (which I'd have to spend anyway using my own rig) and tag along with them. Now I just have to get in touch with the secretary to see if she can schedule our rides times as close together as she can get them so one of us isn't sitting around for two hours waiting for the other to finish. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Today we played around in the cross country field doing some conditioning work. Bobby was not overly impressed with my insistence that he canter on whatever lead I asked him to, but I was not overly impressed with him almost falling on his face when he changed leads to the opposite direction we were traveling when going downhill.

saying hello to school ponies before going to work.

I'm hoping I can drag Hubby out for dressage pictures tomorrow. We're meeting his family in the afternoon for some random Easter lunch/dinner in some random park in some random city halfway between our houses. I didn't know of this until this morning when Hubby texted me we were bringing sides. I feel like applying for sainthood for this. It's only April and I've already surpassed my in-law quota.


  1. How awesome! Good luck at the show!!!!

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a good time!

  3. I just recently started reading your blog and I love how you poke fun and yourself and your horse! :)

  4. Yay Game of Thrones reference! New episode tonightttt. And yay for Bobby! Of course, gratuitous pictures from show needed!

  5. Hellz yeah look at that crossover! Also Game of Thrones EEEEEEEEEEE!


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