Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things to work on.

Bobby's last show was October 28th, exactly one month ago. In that time, he's had one fifteen minute walk-only ride, a twenty minute w/t ride, and a twenty five minute w/t ride with two canter circles. The last time he was ridden was ten days ago. For a seven year old OTTB, I could have reasonably expected a nutcase when I went to the barn today. Instead:

There is nothing Bobby does better than nap. He didn't even mind my dogs sniffing around him, or me scritching him. The only thing that could get him up was a peppermint wrapper. The only thing better than napping? Food.

So now that vacation time is officially over, here's what I'm starting with:

where is your butt, bobby??
Today was a twenty five minute ride. We had a really nice walk warm up, working on stretching down and then collecting back up, keeping a strong forward pace the whole time. We moved on to the trot where I got so excited about Bobby's insta-response to bending left at the trot that I could have bounced up and down. Yayyyy!!! I've literally never been able to just ask for an inside bend to the left and get it, no questions asked. Yayayayay!

Ok, end silly horse girl glee.

After working through several trot/walk transistions focusing on not letting him die as soon as I asked for the walk, we picked up the sitting trot to work on that elusive uphill frame. ZOMG, he did that without question, too! I only asked him to hold it for two and a half laps each way, but it was fabulous. I would have been proud to prance into a dressage ring with that.

I let him have a stretch around the arena both ways, and then asked for the same thing at the posting trot. Not surprisingly, he wasn't as good as I'm not as effective when posting. Hrm. That's fine. We tried for a leg yield at the trot and he gave it to me the first time right away. I was like, "Wow! Somehow you magically learned to do those!" And then I asked again and he wouldn't even give me a step. Phew. Back to normal. Bobby's trot leg yields range between possibly passable and completely nonexistent.

watching the dogs rumble.

So, things to work on:
  • Leg yields at the trot, which are required in First 2.
  • Keeping the forward momentum in downward transistions.
  • Overall strength to keep a more advanced frame longer.
  • Half halts from a posting trot so that I don't have to fall on sitting trot....
  • ...But I might as well work on the sitting trot, too, since my abs could use the work!


  1. sounds like you have a good plan sorted :) xxx

  2. Aren't you required to do sitting trot once you hit lateral movements in tests? Or are Australian tests designed by sadists??
    Sounds like some nice goals!

    1. LOL, I'll have to double check, but I think sitting isn't required until 2nd level, and I know it's not required until Prelim eventing.

  3. good goals to get you through the winter ...!


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