Monday, November 5, 2012

Breeders Cup wrap up and our own awards

I think I made personal Breeders' Cup history Saturday. I am notorious for my win picks coming in second or third. Without fail, no one ever actually wins when I pick them. But I was picking winners left and right!

Juvie Turf: I honestly only knew the name of one horse in this race. This is one of the stupid add on races I give the thumbs down to. Brown Almighty did not win. Stupid, fake BC race, I'm not counting you anyway.

F&M Sprint: Groupie Doll won, and was my pick. But again--no reason fillies and mares can't run in the Sprint sprint. Boo.

Dirt Mile: Had Tapizar. Another stupid additional race.

Turf Sprint: Had Reneesgotzip who came in third. Phew, back to my old tricks. Another stupid additional race.

Juvie: Shanghai Bobby! All of you better have been rooting for him with that name!

Turf: Little Mike was my long shot pick, but I didn't think he'd actually win.

Sprint: Not going to lie, I had Amazombie. I think Trinniberg's little pom pom is silly. Fail on this one.

Mile: Hubby was trying to win me over to Animal Kingdom's side, but I stuck with Wise Dan. I can't wait to see him next year!

Classic: Mucho Macho Man was my pick through the Triple Crown trail. Awesome to see the giant beast come in second, especially to such a gritty winner as Fort Larned.

These results will never happen again. Don't listen to me when I pick who I want to win. That's fair warning!

So on to another Bobby. Hubby and I went out yesterday to check on the wild beast (not that he needs checking on, but for $400 a month, I'd like to drop in and see him every now and then). We brought along his season winnings for a photo op for a photo book I'm making of Robert's first full year as an event poneh.

contemplating a move to hunters to acquire more ribbons.
you guys bring in this haul in one show! and a tricolor to boot!

It was tricky and a bit miserable. It was freezing, Bobby was distracted by the crinkling wrapper in my pockets (hence the awkward hand positioning), the crappy camera was being a priss about the crappy weather, and it was cold. Oh, did I already say that? Whatevs.

I guess I probably ought to throw a thank you to Hubby out there. He is, after all, my driver, groom, cheering squad, photographer, emergency medical contact, and carrier of heavy water buckets. He deserves his own year end tricolor. Poor dude only half knew what he was getting into when he signed on to date a horse girl. Here's to many more years of slavery partnership, Hubby!

bobby looks like a midget mugging for treats.
I jumped on Mr Magee for about ten minutes to see how he was feeling after his bum adjustment. BM said he'd hadn't walked out noticably lame like last time, so that was a good sign. He was willing to jump right back into where we left off dressage-wise, but halfway through cantering to the right, he swapped behind. Argh. The footing in the outdoor was deep (is deep year-round) and wet, so maybe he just doesn't like it. He definitely only switches when he's out there.

we're going to get that head and neck up into a proper dressage
frame next year! showing first level is on the list.
He then, of course, gave me some really solid circle work with the hind end at the trot. He's still very much on vacation for a few more weeks, but even with driving training still on the books, I can't wait to do some more dressage work with him.


Isn't it amazing how I can still find things to post about and help you procrastinate doing real things even when I have literally nothing going on right now?


  1. YAY bareback riding and ribbon photos. My best year of BC picking was I think 1997 or 1998, I had the top 3 finishers of every race. Of course being in middle school I couldn't bet.

  2. I like your ribbon haul... and I'm admiring the photo idea. Maybe Cuna needs a similar shoot. :D

    Bobby is looking good! Vacation seems to work for him.

  3. Yeah for great horse husbands! They do deserve their own award. Great pics :)

  4. Look at that night striaght line from your elbow to his mouth!! I love it. I love your ribbons too. I am totally a ribbon whore. I wouldn't care if I got last place if they let me have a big fancy ribbon. Hunters luck out with all those ribbons at one show.


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