Friday, November 2, 2012

Dressage Results and Chiro Adjustment

Michelle emailed me my dressage test. Score of 31.5 would have put us in second by half a point had I finished the course (assumably with no xcountry faults). We got fours for both canters because of the cross cantering. We also got a five for the transistion back to trot after the second canter because I transistioned him down early to avoid the worst of the swap behind. However, we eeked out six (!) eights and the rest were sevens and one six and a half. Overall comment was: "Unfortunate problems at the canter due to lost balance from the slippery footing. Well handled."

I'll take that. Body work this winter and studs come spring and we'll be back in cantering action, slippery footing or no.

I stopped in to the barn today to drop off my board check and put Robert in his medium weight blanket since it's supposed to get super cold at night now, and I walked in to see the Chiro. I was all, "Heyyyy! I was going to call you! Any chance you can squeeze Bobby in since you're here?" She had two other horses to do, but she fit me in at the end. Excellent.

working on j's mare macy who is ADORABLE.
Right off the bat, she said that he looks like a totally different horse. He was happy and mugging for cookies and didn't sit on the floor when she checked for soreness. She did acupuncture first which Bobby had zero issues with ("Needles? So? I love cookies.") Here are her comments:

"Stuck in his low neck (left side only), sore all down his back and into his hips. Right lower back and rump more sore. Hocks and stifles sore. Right hind fetlock gets achy. Adjusted poll, low neck, mid and low back. He is overall much better and happier than in March. Keep riding!"

I knew his hind end was sore, and she agreed that it he's weak all the way back and that's just the way he is, so it's always going to be something to work on. She was really happy with his neck; in March she had to do both sides because he was stuck in three spots all the way down, and this time he was only stuck in his lower neck on the left. She said even though his back was sore, it wasn't nearly as bad as in Spring and to just keep doing what I'm doing because obviously it's working.

She also couldn't get over how much more happy and confident he seemed with himself. Plus, she was rather impressed with his carrot stretches which he was pleased to show off for her. Any excuse for cookies is alright by Bobby, even if they're being dispensed by someone new.

Bobby also got new front shoes. I'm glad the farrier noticed that the other one was getting pretty loose, too. Heck yes for having an awesome farrier again! He'll get his hinds done next week.

AND! Want to hear some crazy news? One of my roomies from college won a horse! Who knew people actually did that? Her new pony! Really it's perfect because her current horse is in semi-retirement and she's been thinking about retiring him for good. So now she has new project! She's going to meet him next week to get background checked basically, and I fully intend to flood you with her baby horsie pictures.

roomie and her horse dancer.


  1. How awesome to win a horse! My youngest was in 4-H and every year they gave away a yearling to a 4-H member - different breed every year. The last couple of years she was in 4-H, it was a Gypsy Cob that was given away.

  2. How cool for your friend!

    Congrats on the dressage score. Glad Bobby is doing well.

  3. I didn't know that you could win a horse! How awesome for her though! :)

    Glad Mr Bobby is doing better! Thanks for reminding me to call the chiro for Henry haha!

  4. How exciting for your friend? Will she be blogging about her baby? Congrats on the dressage scores. ONce you get him all fixed there will be no more fours on the canter. I will live vicariously through you next summer :)

  5. I'm glad that Bobster is improving!


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