Friday, November 16, 2012


trying to poop out his door into the aisleway:
bobby's secret stable vice.
Bobby's work got ramped up today--it even warranted putting polos on those silly cow hocked legs. I wanted to do lateral work at the walk and some trot work. He's such a chubber, he's going into boot camp at a slightly more accelerated rate than originally planned. I even left a note to have his grain cut back a little more because he looks pregnant. Poor Mr Tubbers.

"this iz my excited face."
(note the barely buckled girth. faaatttyyyy...)
We did another fifteen minutes of walk, marching around the arena with his tiny butt following along for once. We did a million and a half exercises all over: leg yields both way; leg yield away from the wall from F to B, then leg yield back from B to M; across the short diagnol from K to B and B to H; down the centerline, halt at X, back three steps, walk on; yada yada yada.

Then I asked for the trot and he bounced into it with floppy happy ears. Mr Magee, are you finally showing some legendary Thoroughbred work ethic?!

His trot work was fucking fabulous. We started off big and bouncy and loose with our usual training level-ish head carriage, had a walk break, then came back up and I started asking for a more uphill, legit dressage frame. He started rushing a bit, so I gave him a half halt and BAM--insta-collection.

He was so responsive to everything. I focused on keeping my leg on, hands up, and my reins super short (which translates to normal for the rest of you). He responded by giving me exactly what I wanted the second I wanted it. I literally could not have asked for anything else--especially not for his first real ride back after nearly three weeks off. He totally got what I was asking. "Bobby, do this." BAM. "Yes, ma'am!"

foamy mc frotherson. that's what's up.

Dudes. Riding a semi-fancy horse (that I know he is in there somewhere!) that's willing to work with you makes the inherently boring sport of dressage a little bit... fun. There, I said it. Dressage can be fun. He got a million and half cookies and a good head rub back at his stall. He was quite pleased with himself.

Then I came back home and patched a hole in his sheet. Stripes helped:

"i eat your thread and steal your needle."


  1. Foamy lips :) Love that sight! Yeah for a fab ride!

  2. sounds like an awesome ride, also, random thought of the day - I love how you swear in your blog "fan-fucking-tastic" made me laugh out loud. Birds of a feather ;)

  3. Loving the slobber!
    I knew I wasn't the only one who finds dressage fun:P

  4. Nice! I am with you on the "good Dressage makes Dressage more fun" thing. I about lost it this summer. I agree with the above commenter, more horsey bloggers need to use descriptions like "his trot was fucking fabulous." Awesome!


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