Friday, January 27, 2012

Two rides today.


Bobby: Once more, Bobby was being a bit of a douche to warm up. BO was in the arena riding her horse at the time (fortunately no lesson!) and I told her I'd been having difficulties with him all week. She watched us go for a bit, then said it looked to her like he was just being a brat, but did I feel like he was off or anxious? No. Definitely not. Not at all like the other day when he was a nervous wreck. This time he was like, "lalalala, not listening!!"

So she said to send him forward. "No, more forward! RIDE HIM FORWARD!" So we cantered a bit in light-seat on a loose rein. Then we came back to the trot, and guess what? He was back to his normal self--swinging trot, back up, head relaxed. Bobby says, "Ride me better, you silly woman, and maybe I'll go better for you." Dick. How dare you not compensate for my lack of skillz? (Juust kidding. No one get into a tiff!)

So we continued our trot work without further fuss, ran through the BN A test , did a little sitting trot, then let him romp in the arena for a few minutes. Not a perfect, happy ride by any means, but at least not a total throw away.


Jade: Ahh, the return of Jade. This means that yes, she is still here. Sigh. I really don't like mares. She hasn't been worked with since my last post since I've been feeling like total shit and barely getting work done on Bobby. However, I'm feeling pretty good today so I took the plunge and got her out.

There were three utility trucks working on telephone poles literally right outside the indoor and the wind was blowing like crazy causing the two horses turned out in the paddock on the other side of the indoor to be sillykins. None of this bothered her any more than just taking it all in. She is allll mare attitude in the worst way, but she has a great brain and really just watches things and thinks thorugh what she sees instead of seeing and hearing really scary things and blowing up about them.

Ignore her complete unresponsiveness to my voice cues. Camera in one hand and loose longe line in the other don't really work well for communication.

I got on her (with the mirrors shut--I didn't feel like arguing about that today) and once I we started working, she was all business. She's still really green on the flat, but she actually settled into a pretty nice rhythm today and I even got a tiny smidgum of bend on a circle.

Olivia came in with Kidd and I got off to help her set up some ground poles. Jade followed along without fuss while I hauled poles, let me mount without moving a step, then had a loooong hard look at the scary colored poles in front of her before deciding she wanted nothing to do with them. I had Olivia give us a lead and Jade followed along, then went by herself from both directions before doing it at the trot. She was a little legs-all-over the first time through at the trot, then the next two times, she went right through.

We ended by hanging out in the middle with Kidd and Memphis for about five minutes. Legs out of the stirrups, reins at the buckle, both of us totally relaxed and unconcerned that is was feeding time, horses were being brought in and turned out, it was really windy, and big trucks were doing scary things outside. I still don't really like her, but I think she'll make someone a nice horse. And for reeeallllllyyyyy cheap!!! Hint, hint. Wink, wink.

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  1. Yay for a good ride on your boy!

    Jade sounds like such a good horse! A great mind is always on the top of my must list! To bad 1. i am not closer and 2. can't have another horse (hubby wouldn't be happy)


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