Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And not like, "Gee, you're lame." Like, "You're a Thoroughbred so of course you're lame!"

Robert's SmartPaks got here yesterday afternoon and since the weather had gone from twenty and icy to almost 50 and foggy by the early evening, I packed Hubby and the dogs in the car and headed up to the barn to drop of his stuff and check Bobby's princess self to see if he was still a touch off.

As soon as we pulled in, BO corralled me into the arena. "You have to watch this mare jump! She is going to be an eventing superstar!" The mare is a coming 9yo TB named Jade. She's about 15.2, super brave, super quiet, super green on the flat, and very much a mare. She came to the BO in hopes that she could use her for her lesson program, but she's too small and green so BO sent her back. However, her owner said, "Nope. Can't take her. You have to keep her." So now BO is trying to sell her for literally almost nothing, and she has her eyes glued to me as the buyer. I don't like mares. I'm almost 6' tall. I have one horse that I can afford and that's my limit. This is not a good match at all. But hot damn, this little horsie can jump! Knees to eyeballs, doesn't think twice about anything she's pointed at (and she's only jumped half a dozen times since coming off the track about 6 weeks ago). If you're looking for a small jumper or eventer for dirt cheap (like, mid-to low three figures), lemme know.

to give you a size hint, she wears a 40" girth easily.

Anyway, Bobby! I put his bridle on and jumped on him bareback really quick to see if I could feel any funkiness. Yep. At the walk to the left right off the bat. I trotted him a little, but except for the first few strides, he didn't seem bothered at all. Of course, he was trying to be silly with the other horses in the arena and doing his Bobby snake neck, so he might have just been too distracted to remember he was off.

I brought him back to his stall and poked at his legs and feet for awhile before telling myself I might have felt a little heat in the LF. I asked Hubby and BO to check and they both said there was a teeny tiny bit around his ankle. So he got wrapped with a healthy dose of linament and chili powder (because "I Eat Wraps Like It's My Job" is his middle name), and a gram of Bute for the night. He got another gram this morning and he's staying in for at least today. My guess is that he either tweaked himself in the bad footing section of the arena, or did it outside at some point.

This morning, I took Bobby's wraps off and let him chill in his stall while I rode Jade. I feel really big on her, but she does hold my leg well. She paddles with both fronts, but tracks really straight, even across diagnols and down the centerline--Bobby still has issues with this. Her canter is nonexistent at this point, but she carries herself in a cute little frame once she gets moving.

Her one main flaw: SHE IS A herself! She HATES seeing herself in the mirrors.

I longed her for a good long while before I got on since I didn't know how she'd go (she probably would have been totally fine without longing at all), then walked and trotted her for a bit, attempted a canter, quickly shut down that fight, and spent the next twenty minutes teaching her to walk by the fucking mirror without trying to maul herself. I tried every trick I could think of (bad manners are not tolerated by me, and if that makes me sound like an abusive bitch, oh well.) before she figured out that walking by the mirrors were no issue and she was being a silly whore to make such a fuss out of it.

Bobby's legs didn't seem any different from last night--which only means that I still couldn't be sure I was feeling anything. Since he was going to stay in for the rest of the day anyway, I figured I might as well wrap him again and have the BM check him in the morning and make the decision to turn him out or not. He'll get the rest of the week and weekend off regardless, but hopefully he can go right back to work Monday.


  1. Poor Bobby! Hope he's on the mend, soon!

    Jade's a cutie, but where are the pics of her jumping? Enable better! :-P Has she never been in an arena with mirrors before? Maybe she just has a body issue, haha. Best of luck working through those issues with her!

  2. Ahhh Jade is adorable and just the kind of horse I'd be looking for (size, build, education)! Too bad she's not a lease option! Where is PA is she?

  3. I'll try to get pictures or video of her jumping in the next few days. She came to the barn straight from the track so this is her first mirror experience. Bobby still stops to check himself out the first time around, but she is out to KILL that little bay horse in the mirror each time she goes by.

    She's in Benton, and BO might work a lease option out. Right now she's taking up a stall without being a lesson or boarder horse and BO is all about income.

  4. Haha, mare is hilarious. It took Izzy a whole winter of riding in a tiny indoor with one other horse to be ok with any other horses being in an arena with her. Maybe the mirror thing is just accelerating that along? Best of luck finding a home for her-she sounds fun.

  5. Well Carly, I love love green, OTTBs, and mares! And I'm not very tall, 15.2 is a great size for me. Get some more info together and let me know. The BF and I are in the process of buying a house and I was promised a leased horse after this!!!!!!

    ps. I started reading your blog from the beginning today (one of my favorite activities and you're hilarious!)


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