Saturday, January 7, 2012


I don't know what's going on with me, but I've been really :/ the past two days. I haven't even put my hair under my helmet for the past two days, that's how unmotivated I've been. I had fun on our trail ride yesterday, but arena work was dismal. Today, I had planned on clipping, but when I tried, the blades were so dull I got about two hairs off of Bobby's shoulder in five minutes. To the dude who borrowed them: you did not sharpen them when you were done, dick. Just tell me and I'll make sure they're done, but don't get my hopes up. So now they have to get sent out so I can get around to doing a bib clip and keep Bobby from overheating in the jungle heat of central PA.

Hubby had dropped me off to clip while he went to see a friend, so I was at the barn with no car or cell service and nothing to do but either sit around by myself or ride. I didn't really want to ride. But I didn't want to sit at the barn for an hour alone either. I decided to ride.

Bobby was mehhhhh warming up. Not bad, not off, not naughty, just not great. I wasn't in an effort mood, so I stuck him on the longe with loose side reins and warmed him up at the trot and a little canter for ten minutes total. Next thing I know, Hubby shows up. Apparently his friend wasn't there.

I should have just called it quits there. Bobby had been "worked", and even kind of constructively. But I didn't. For whatever reason I decided to get back on. I trotted him around some, then had Hubby drop the back rail of an oxer with an X in the front and a vertical in the back. So it was a small vertical to a big X.

I did that twice without issue, then had Hubby put the back rail back up. I think it was 2'6, but it might have been 2'9. Pretty sure it was only 2'6 though. Bobby was fine, just lugging out a bit when we got to it at an awkward striding and I nicked the back standard with my toe as we landed and brought it down.

We went once again and he was determined to get his big booty over without touching anything. I've been sticking a new saddle on the bottom of the bills list for the past several months because my own big booty has gotten too big for my old 16.5", but I am going to get one this next paycheck. Landing with my ass on the cantle is not cool. I already have one picked out, an old Courbette for super cheap.

You can see that after Bobby's enthusiastic landing I reverted into racehorse mode to slow him down. It's a survival instinct. Slow down? Stand up with your knees locked. Back down to trot? Why post? Get into gallop position. Mehhh. I wasn't in the mood for good equitation either. (Speaking of, do I need to work on bending my elbows or what? Jeeze.)

at least he's starting to show scope?
I hope I get my groove back soon. I hate having "meh" rides. I'd rather have a really bad ride to improve on than one that's like, "Whatev. Rode my leaping mule again. Meh."

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