Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bonding time? Kind of?

Something was up Bobby's hind end today. Perhaps a rocket ship? I got on him as usual, but quickly realized that his brain was not on yet. Asking for a circle meant runreallyfastwithyourheadintheair. So I got off and put him on the longe. Insta-blowupandbuckandnotlistentoanythingmomistellingme. So I said Fuck That, ran up his stirrups, took off the reins, and let him loose.

You can't fully appreciate his cuh-raaazies since this is a teeny sucky video of my teeny suck phone, but he was going nutso.

He finally got it out of his system and trotted around a bit before coming over, blowing like crazy and a hot, sweaty mess. One thing I learned from this: Bobby has one fancy suspended trot when being a looney. Sooo fancy!

I got on him and walked him around until he stopped blowing, then asked for the trot. His head immediately went straight in the air--and not just a greenie head up stance, a nose pointed directly at the ceiling stance. I held onto his mouth just enough so that he could feel my hands, but I really focused on keeping him forward. It took a really, really long time, but he slooowly slooooooowly figured out that going forward would be more fun if he dropped his head. As soon as he relaxed, brought his head down, and picked his back up off the ground, I immediately stopped and let him cool out on the buckle.

It wasn't even a "I'm being crazy because this is fun!" ride. It was a really tense, anxious ride like he was expecting me to rip his face off and throw a tantrum. But I've never, ever done that with him before, and I've been riding him since he was 18 months old. He turned into a really difficult horse to gallop when he was sent to Fingerlakes and I have a feeling he got beat up on for it.

I'm hoping that with each little lesson/problem we have to work through, we'll start trusting each other more. I spent a long time with him afterwards while he dried off in his cooler, giving him cookies, doing stretches, and spending some general one-on-one time together. I've always felt like Bobby has been everybody else's horse because all my friends has played a part in him growing up, but I need to accept that I own him, I'm the only one riding him, and I'm the only one that he needs to be BFFs with.

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  1. It's frustrating to ride a perfectly nice horse that someone messed up like that. He'll come around eventually... Excellent day to ride alone, though. That's way harder to deal with when there's two kids and a lesson in the indoor with you.


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