Friday, January 20, 2012

Buying stuff!

To stay true to the name of this blog, buying stuff does not happen often. When it does, it's cheap stuff that I miraculously stumble upon. I know the theory behind buying quality used items that will last you forever, but buying a used saddle for anything over....oh, $300 is so far out of the realm of my possibilities, I won't even look at such things. So yesterday, when I was browsing the Williamsport craigslist, I saw two things that made me gasp a little. An all purpose saddle for $75 and a dressage saddle for $50. Whaaa?

The AP saddle was only a 15" seat so that was moot, but the dressage saddle was 17.5". I emailed on it immediately, got pictures, and said dibs! It's got some wear where the stirrups were, it's a no-name, it's missing a d-ring (which I'm assuming an Amish can tack on for next to nothing), but I think it's lovely and it was fucking $50! The catch? The lady selling it boards at my old barn--the barn where Red and Bobby both lost over 100lbs after not getting fed the grain I was buying them, or really any grain or hay at all. Fortunately, the lady was fine with meeting elsewhere. I missed out on a free pad (no big), but I did get a fancy sheepskin lined saddle bag thrown in with it.

If it doesn't fit Bobby I'll cry. I'll also probaby mold it with my bare hands made stronger by despair and anger so that it will fit him. Take that, poverty! Now I just need a dressage girth and pad and...

Also, because it went from being so warm to so cold, the poor pupitos have no winter coats so I took advantage of SmartPak's super sale and ordered them fleece blankets for 50% off. They're an ugly royal blue and they're a little big, but for $8 a piece, they don't care that they look like they're wearing nurse's capes. At least now I can get them to go outside without having to use brute force.

you look a fool, dizzly dog.

I am soooo sick right now, I don't know if I'm going to get off of the couch ever again. I plan on chugging as much Robitussin as possible, but depending on how soon it starts snowing I might make my way to the barn at some point. BM said Bobby's leg felt fine when she turned him out yesterday, so hopefully he's either mended or well on the mend.

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