Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Puke.

Because I can! (And because the roads are icy so I don't want to go anywhere.)

red meets derby his first day home from highcliff.

red's fave game: douse yourself in mud and run like crazy.

red's "i'm about to go crazy" look.

proof that my 16.5" saddle used to fit like a dream.

fjord in training! sometimes i got conned into working
with "the others" at school. this is lily. she was a learning
to be a riding horse after years of driving. she was a whore.

training for our 25 mi. competitive trail ride! me (on right) on lu,
other carly on (on left) on paso fino armonico.

she was a 19yo. mustang, many times over endurance champion.
she barely tolerated me.

haha, photo bombed! i don't know whatever become of this colt.
he was registered as "iamwhatiplay" when we had him in for training.

sir robert in training!

bobby as a long yearling, already broke to ride. welcome to the
tb racing industry!

cheesing with my roomies as a 2yo.

evil fjord lily's better half: hannibal. he was a lover.

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  1. Bobby was a cute young thing. He'll get there again, I think...


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