Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wrap it up

I have one of those angsty, reflective, deeply insightful (or none of the above except maybe angsty) posts sitting in my draft folder waiting to be ironed out and made cohesive. At this point, however, all the fun things are getting pushed behind as I stare at my screen and pout for no particularly good reason.

So, to embrace the fun and save the "woe is me" for another day, I'm going to do a quick run down of what we've accomplished in the past few days.

Or past week. It's almost been that long already!


Bobby got free jumped Friday to see if we could pinpoint what was causing all the tension under saddle. Are you worried about distances, Bobby? Height? Width? The color blue? Being asked to do a job in general?

Right away Bobby showed us how excited he was to participate in the day's activities:

At no point in the whole session did he get tense or worried. He just sort of preferred to jump the 4' barricade we set up instead of going through our grid. Bobby reasons are known only to Bobby.

he would jump and then stand quietly in the corner pouting until one of us went
to retrieve him and feed him cookies before sending back through

We did get some actual work done:

The takeaway was that he's one hundred percent comfortable over any height and spread from pretty much any distance--good or bad. The jumps were very easy for him, and at no point did he show any signs of tension. Cheekiness and a little bit of an unwillingness to work, yes, but no frantic running around. So where does that leave us under saddle? Still seeking our answer unfortunately.

super wide and about 3'6" in ending height. bobby snoozed over these. 


Hubby fixed the electric on my truck! Yay! Now, for the first time in three years, I have a reliable right turn signal. However, in fixing that, he somehow managed to kill the brake lights--not just on the trailer, but on my truck. Now that has to get sorted out in between getting our fence finished and the giant sink hole in our driveway filled in. (Oh p.s. we're going to fall into a sink hole, nbd.)

While we were at the barn, I remembered at the last minute that it was game night and quickly texted BM to let her know I was in as soon as I dropped Hubby back at home...and, you know, switched to a vehicle with working brake lights.

You can read about the last game night I did here. Once again Bobby and I won almost everything that we participated in. Not to be a snob, but lesson ponies don't stand a chance against my former racehorse and gaming horse. We sat out the sack race to hold incoming horses, and only came in second in the water game where Bobby cantered through 4' trot poles and I spilled half my cup of water down my sleeve while giggling maniacally. Still champion of the night. There's nothing Bobby does better than silly games on horseback that involve running fast and hanging out with friends.

sometimes bobby really wants snuggles and then i do this to him and he's like, nvm. 


Angst post. Videos to be had. Horse was good, still pouting about Self.


A quick longe day to see if the massive swelling in his bad leg was enough to put him on the vet list. I was kind of relieved he'd chosen this day to blow his leg up because for once the vet was already coming. No emergency call fee! Yay!

No worries though. He was completely sound and just super stocked up from the cold and damp. Once he was done trit-trotting around, his leg was back down to normal size and he got to spend the day getting snowed on. Lucky horse.


...will probably be included in angst post. Let's make it as long as possible. You're welcome. In the afternoon though, the dentist came out and did his teeth. I've never used an equine dentist before, always relying on my vet instead. However, the vet I used up here does power floats which I am not okay with. BM stuck Bobby on the list for her dentist, and I'm so glad she did.

The first thing Dentist asked me when he started working was how old I thought Bobby was. I told him he was eleven, but soon caught him surreptitiously trying to look at Bobby's tattoo.

"I know he's eleven. I've known this horse his entire life."
"Alright, I just wanted to check. Sometimes owners get lied to when they buy a horse. I wanted to make sure because this horse has the teeth of a sixteen year old."

Uh, what. Dentist couldn't give me a real answer for how they looked the way they do--the enamel doing this one thing (teeth are not even remotely in my area of expertise), and his Galvayne's Groove almost to the very bottom already.

super attractive head shot because i can. 

He also still had a wolf tooth, and Dentist basically told me this horse has never had a proper float in his life. He got to rasping and crunching (What the fuck was that noise? Oh my god, so gross.) and tooth pulling, and was more than happy to answer all my stupid questions as he pulled out tool after tool I'd never seen in my vet's dentistry bucket before.

He let Bobby have lots of breaks to work his jaw around and test things out, and while Bobby is generally the chillest dude you will ever meet on the ground, it was still nice when Dentist pointed to him when he got done and said, "This is the type of horse everyone should own. They should walk through the barn and see this nice guy and say, 'I want that one.'"

That's pretty much always the response Bobby gets when people spend more than five seconds with him.

Because they don't ever ride him.

"what a big, beautiful mule you own!"


I rode Bobby in a hackamore since he lost a toother that day before, and he was pretty much perfect. Dentist said pulling that wolf tooth should alleviate all of our left rein hanging so I'm excited to get a bit back in his mouth to test that out. I'm sure BM will worship Dentist if he's fixed that problem. Bobby loves to pull the left rein hang with BM. More on today's ride in a later post because it pertains to other problems we've been having.

bobby found a new favorite snack

So there you go. An easy recap filled with all sorts of exciting things before doom and gloom sets in.


  1. Is it wrong to say I look forward to your doom and gloom post? Because I think a few of us might be riding that train right now and misery loves company!

    I pretty much always enjoy whatever you write no matter the subject, because of your wit and sarcasm, so carry on.

  2. I looooooove real equine dentists. I'm so sad I can't make the one from Indiana come over to MD just to do Pig. Sigh. But really, he was outstanding and very gentle. No sedation needed. Even for Captain Overreaction.

  3. I like watching Bobby free jump because he looks like he's not exerting himself at all. Just doop de doo, here is Bobby lazing through a giant jump, nbd.

  4. I'm so jealous that you have an equine dentist available! He does make it look like it's just easy jumping those big jumps.

  5. The mind of Bobby is such a strange and confusing place. I also LOVE my equine dentist here in PA. He's like a horse whisperer who files teeth.

  6. I loooove our equine dentist, and not just because his name is Oscar. He rocks, and my horse doesn't even need sedation for it <3

  7. Dayum, Bobby can jump. Also, love Bobby with the snax. And I hope the dentist fixed EVERYTHING!

  8. I stopped using my vet for teeth about 10 years ago and it was definitely the right move. App and TWH were never sedated for teeth. Mia does NOT like it and would be a sedation candidate but I am not a fan of power floats. Dentists make such a difference. Looking forward to hearing how Bobby is acting after his visit.

  9. Oh angst why do you plague us all!?

  10. Angst happens. Ride it out. And definitely write the post because we've all been there and will be there again.

    C sees the dentist soon. Fingers crossed for brain injections?

  11. Galvayne's groove is sooo unreliable for aging teeth. We had to learn about aging teeth last term and we had three different sets of aging dates because EVERY SINGLE textbook has different ideas about what teeth look like at different ages. But yay for finally having that wolf tooth pulled! I hope it magically fixes everything!

  12. I am still oooing and ahhhing at that bridle on his handsome mule face. And he sure makes jumping look easy!

  13. Teeth are not in my area of expertise either, but what makes a crunching sound?? SO GROSS! I hope it helps with the left rein issue!

  14. Not ready for doom. I'll share snax with bobby please

  15. no doom and gloom, i won't allow it

  16. Wow that's quite the week you've had so far. I can't wait to hear how the dental helps/changes things.

  17. Everyone should have a great horse dentist.
    Hope having his toothers fixed fixes other problems too. Had to giggle at Bobby taking the short cut through the barrier pole in his free-jumping session haha.

    Also, you're not alone when it comes to cackling manically whilst spilling your cup of water during the water race. Gets me every time!

  18. Inneresting report from th dentist...


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