Monday, April 25, 2016

Sharing the full Bobby experience

Okay, maybe not the full Bobby experience as my horse was super good on Friday, but Tracy and her husband met up with Riding Bestie (of Dutch Hippo fame) and myself while in the area to get up to some Bobby shenanigans. With an eye on Aimee's contest, we put together an idea for a joint entry, got all our random shit gear together, and headed over to the barn to play ponies.

tracy on bobby and sarah on ralphie. 

I hopped on Bobby in the indoor quickly while BM finished up a lesson in the outdoor so I could see what sort of mood my horse was in. I figured if he decided to be naughty (er, no, Tracy! He is never naughty!) with his aunty on him, it was best if I was prepared for which naughty horse personality we were dealing with. No worries though as he stepped right off without any issues. He was calm and light in the bridle, and after a super quick w/t/c, I popped him over the 2'9" oxer in the ring without him so much as blinking in anticipation. I handed him over to Tracy who walked him around a bit while I giggled at Sarah trying to get Ralph to canter, and then we headed out to the outdoor.

looking awesome!

I was really mean and made Tracy shorten her reins way, way up. Hey, if I've got to torture myself with shorter reins, everybody has to be tortured! Bobby was being quite the heavy, leaning tool, and I was trying to get Tracy to kind of bully him into being nicer to her because he can be a nice fluffy butterfly when he wants to be.

he also thinks the outdoor is the zoomies place no matter who's on him. 

I wish I was better at teaching because while I know Bobby inside and out, I couldn't explain to Tracy how to get that light, fluffy ride out of him. "Don't let him giraffe, shorten your reins, and don't be afraid to have a hold of his mouth." And that was about all I had. It's hard to explain to someone, "Shift your left butt cheek one centimeter and then squeeze with your abs and your right ring finger two seconds apart for eight seconds before releasing." Like, what. Trainers are magic.

Fortunately, Tracy was not here to rock the dressage world and didn't seem to hold it against Sir Racing that he wasn't exactly being cooperative to flat. I dropped the 2'9" course set up in the ring from the lesson to a small X and baby verticals. As we all know, Bobby is not exactly a packer when it comes to jumping, and I was in no way going to be responsible for putting any dings in this brave lady's confidence.

"ermahgerd, i'm jumping this jump."

I've got to give Tracy a ton of credit for her lady balls. Getting onto a horse she's never met before, but with a history she knows (and, you know, is not exactly a most pleasant one), and agreeing to canter around on him over jumps--I don't care what size they were--takes some serious bravery. And! Bobby was totally, completely, one hundred percent quiet for her! Dudes, he's not even quiet for me!

i wouldn't have been jumping that vertical from a canter on a new horse. fuck no

With the success of Bobby being sane, Tracy being awesome, and Ralphie actually picking up his feet to jump:

admit you just died of cuteness overload.

...we got the ponies stripped and gathered up our stuff for the contest. Our idea was to turn Bobby into a frat boy--popped collar, douchey shorts, equally douchey short tie, hipster glasses, and a mustache (obviously)--while we were going to be his sorority bitches in our college gear. There was much debate about how to best attach a pair of shorts to Bobby who was, I have to point out, not at all pleased with his mustache, and then we had to have Tracy's husband google sorority poses for us (shout out to Sam for being a proper Horse Husband and putting up with all of this without a word of complaint), but finally we put our coats on and got to work.

booty pop and duck face. how sorority can you get?
we are so classy.

bobby really loved tracy

We finished off with Tracy and Sarah being the worst horse girls ever and not buying anything at the weird lady's tack store before stuffing our faces at Red Robin. Sarah and I got in the car to leave the restaurant, and we were both like, "Okay, well, she's amazing!" We had a blast hanging out, bemoaning our shared weenie statuses, swearing, and reveling in the glory that is dressing Bobby in silly outfits.


  1. This sounds like the BEST DAY EVER!!!! Props to Tracy and her ladyballs for jumping Bobby - I would not be that brave!! The sorority pics came out amazing. Bobby is wearing a mustache. I just cannot handle all the awesome in this post!

  2. Pretty much the best thing ever! Looks like you guys had a blast, we need some magic Star Trek style travel so that the west coast/east coast aren't so far apart!

  3. Squeee! The pics turned out amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing Bobby -- I had an absolute blast meeting you and riding the beastie. <3 <3 <3

  4. Omg so much amazing in this post. I can't handle it.

  5. This looks like the most fun day ever!

  6. Bobby actually has his ears up in the frat bro pictures. Maybe he likes modeling?

  7. Props for some serious lady balls! Looks like you all had fun!

  8. Nice, love meet-ups! And serious lady balls for jumping Bobby!

  9. Sounds like so much fun!

  10. She's got guts! No way would I be jumping a horse I hadn't ridden before! That looks like an awesome day, love the shorts!

  11. That sounds like an amazing day! Love the pictures :)

  12. Omg so fun!!!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! And Tracy officially is never allowed to call herself a weenie adult ever again ;)

  13. So fun! Tracy looks like a pro up there with short reins. :)

    Aside: Can someone just shoot me? I'm actually thinking gray jackets and maroon hoodies might actually be a thing...

  14. Awesome meet up! Jealous of all the dressing-up fun!

  15. Omg I loved this. Coming from a sorority girl, this was spot on

  16. Jumping Brand New horses is scary, yo! Props to Tracy.


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