Tuesday, April 26, 2016


After a week spent being a jump jump horse, Bobby got Saturday off (actually he got naked Saturday since he was refusing to let go of his coat) and then went back to his actual job this year of being a fancy prancer Sunday.

Only he wasn't fancying anything about prancing. #throwbackbobby

zoom zoom, bobby says.

He came out very distracted by everything, and so intent on rushing around that even Hubby was like, "What's his deal? Maybe you should have longed him first?" Bobby, you are a grown ass horse. Get over yourself already. It seems like every year I have to reinstall his brain all his buttons once we take this circus out of doors. But really, aside from rampant stupidity, the quality of the work is still in there.

On Sunday, it was cold, he was freshly naked, there was another horse in the ring cantering all over the place, a man was out in the field next to the ring tending to his trees, and I kind of felt like puking my lunch all over my horse's neck. Bobby used all of these excuses to fly his freak flag high.

We ran into our first problem picking up the canter. Apparently not letting him lurch into it was extremely offensive to Bobby, and he pulled the parking brake and got stuck in the middle of the ring for awhile.

sad story, bobby. 

We got the canter eventually, but when I tried to casually swing across the ring to counter canter, he did a flying change, so I brought him back on the circle and asked him to canter again. That led to a quick run-in with the arena fence, gate, and almost running over Hubby before he deigned to pick it up. Once he got it though, it was perfectly alright.

I pointed out to Hubby how much quicker he was able to move on from his tantrums now--instead of losing the rest of the ride, he's able to throw his little shit fit and then get back to work.

LOL, magic words!


I don't exactly remember the order of events, but basically Bobby began to take offense to everything. Literally. Everything.


I have long since gotten over being drawn into Bobby tantrums, so I carried on by doing nothing more than putting my spurs into his side until he tantrumed forward and then let him carry on until he got over himself. A lot of times letting him trot it out will reset his brain.

do your thing, bobby.

I let him wheel around the ring for awhile before bringing him back to the walk. From there, I picked up my reins and just sat. Not asking for bend, straightness, didn't care about the speed or track. We're just walking.

"hate walking."
"hate it over here, too."

After trying and failing to nurse a little more trot out of him, I finally gave in and got off to put him on the longe. He cantered like a demon until he got tired and trotted on his own. Then he trotted for a good long while before walking. I took one look at him (having been talking to Hubby the whole time and completely ignoring him) and immediately sent him off in the other direction. He still had crazy eyes, and he spent another ten minutes whipping around at the canter and trot to the right before we were able to call it quits.

video on instagram, but this pretty much sums it up.

Monday morning, I was ready to get back to work. Even though it was cold, windy, and threatening to rain, you bet your balls we marched into the outdoor. Indoor dressage Bobby may be a lot more pleasant, but I have a feeling outdoor Bobby is a lot closer to what I'm going to get at shows so I might as well figure out how to wrangle this drama llama now.

Right from the get-go he wanted to pick a fight about walking. I ignored him and focused on a few positional things I'm working on right now: keeping my hands even--don't pull back with that inside hand and don't let Bobby pull the outside hand forward, or let my right elbow wing off into the distance; straighter, stronger shoulders; and a draping leg--if I need to cue for something, don't lift my thigh.

pulling inside hand. stop that.

Pretty quickly he gave me his good walk, I gave him a good scratch, and off we went to the trot. No problems there, and our canter work was long and uneventful. Some counter canter shapes, a couple simple changes, a couple changes through trot, and lengthening and shortening the stride. All good stuff, and I was able to give him a lot of positive feedback the whole time. 

Then we walked again. Free walk across the diagonal to medium walk--a transition that always needs work. The first one was good, so I let him continue on to the trot and do the lengthened trot to leg yield pattern from 1-2. Good, drama free stuff then back to the walk to do another free walk transition.

without a doubt also my face during these walk transitions.

Holy shit, why would I ask him to do such torturous activities?!

I think the problem here really stemmed from Bobby anticipating that I was going to ask him to do something he didn't like after the walk. What things, I don't know, but better to just throw a tantrum in anticipation than waiting to find out if anything was actually going to go down. Eventually I got him to just walk like a good Christian as Trainer would say, and we were able to end with a halt that did not involve either flinging himself sideways or turning his head to look at me. 

For the first time in a long time, I was feeling pretty defeated after Sunday's ride. It's been awhile since I've just had to completely throw away an entire ride. Monday made me feel a lot better despite Bobby repeatedly getting stuck in corners and trying to sit on the fence. The good work is in there, and he can come back down to earth and refocus. Bobby might be the king of anticipation, but I'm going to trump his shit by being the queen on perseverance. 

i will win this war, mother fucker. 


  1. Maybe it's wrong of me but I take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in the drama department. :) Bobby looks great.

  2. Ugh. I may need to borrow some of that enthusiastic determination of your for a while ><; Also I love his wraps in the last pic.

  3. Aw man, every once in a while one of those comes along for me. Just one of those days where you pick atleast two positives from the ride and put the past in the past so none of it comes into the next ride. Sounds like your Monday helped!

  4. At least you have cool polos to go with Bobby's antics. When he is good he looks so great, I wish he would realize that for you as well as realizing how awesome you are and that he will never out stubborn a red head.

  5. Ugh. The roller coaster of emotions that come with riding SUCKS. I had one of those this week too. SUCKS.

  6. Oh, Bobbie. He is such a drama llama, lol!

    Good for you for sticking it out and persevering! Lady balls - you has them.

  7. I feel you, Saturday involved so much drama for Mia. Drama, drama, drama. Why so much drama horse?

  8. Fancy Bobby is SO fancy! Drama Bobby needs a crown and some glitter for that shit.

  9. Those pictures are Fing classic tho

  10. I agree with what others are saying. Fancy good Bobby is so pro!! Drama Bobby needs to chill lol. You go Girl!! You will win this.


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