Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

I didn't make any August goals, and I'm not even sure if I made any July goals. But I'm back in the attack mindset--or at least I've started being in that mindset the past week or so--so I really want to give myself a couple of definitive things to work on.

Focus. It's what's for dinner.

And breakfast. And lunch. Because focus is for champions!

Also it's just for me when I'm riding because I've already wandered off twice writing this post to get some packages from the UPS man and restock my pile of Tootsie Rolls. Focus and candy--it's what I'm eating around here.

bobby started looking a little bleh at the last barn, and then he lost a lot of conditioning
being lame, but with a different diet and coming back into steady work, he's looking better.

September Goals:

1. Take two lessons, or...

2. Take one lesson and send in a show entry. I already have one lesson scheduled for Friday. Depending on the finances (as always), I'd really like to do the jumper derby the first weekend of October. Both cost the same, one just includes gas to trailer out.

3. Jump a full course. The other deciding factor for the previous two goals is whether or not we can successfully get this done in relatively short order. "Successfully" being the key word there.

4. Up the work load and expectations for Bobby. He's getting stronger every day, and every day he comes out a little bit better. I need to keep pushing forward instead of resting on good enough. All without hurting the delicate flower's feelings of course.

We're ready to keep pushing for rock star status. Or at least competent and sound status.


  1. You go, Glen Coco!

    Glad Bobby is getting better every day and you're getting back into the swing of things :)

  2. He looks so much better now. :-) Glad things are looking up for you guys.

  3. Lol - competent and sound status sounds pretty damn good to me :) So does focus and candy as entire meals haha

  4. mmm focus tastes delicious! (also would love to see some more bobby costumes - doesn't that fit into the focus formula somehow?!? lol)

  5. I have given up the concept of goals entirely, so color me impressed.

  6. He's looking so good. Love those progression photos. Those sound like some pretty good goals. I fail at goals.

  7. He is looking pretty darn snazzy. Loving the goals. Tootsie rolls are very important for goals to be accomplished.

  8. I light have to make one of my goals 'get horse to stand for confo shots as nicely as Bobby'

  9. focus. i know not what that is anymore!

  10. Love the monthly pics!!

    I am horrible at goals... but good for you for making them!!

  11. Great goals! Thanks for reminding me to work on mine :)

  12. Damn, girl. Bobby's August photo doesn't even look like the same horse! Love the goals. Keep up the ass kicking and show shitty NY who's boss!

    (Unrelated: After moving to the East Coast I now understand the blank horror that accompanies seeing a NY license plate driving next to you. Why do 99% of them suck at operating a motor vehicle? Why are they so angry about it?)

    1. Hysterical because NY drivers are one hundred percent better than PA or--imo the worst in the country--VA drivers. At least most of them know what the fuck a turn signal is.


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