Thursday, September 24, 2015


Despite moderate blog silence this week, I have been keeping busy. I just haven't been doing anything that warrants its own post--at least not when I have the motivational levels of a sloth.

A sleeping sloth.

Over the weekend, I went down to see my barn family in PA. I kept promising riding bestie Sarah I'd get down there after she came up to see me in July, but one thing or another kept pushing it back. I finally just said fuck it and two days before told her I would be there for a day of ponies... and Taco Bell.

do you not store your tacos in your helmet for later?

We hit up Horse Loverz (always a bust, yet we keep going back because it's close) and the outlet store. The outlet store is the most magical place where you chance upon completely random shit that's marked down approximately ten thousand percent. I got a pair of brand new brown full seats for $10, and I was eyeing up hoof boots for a mere $20. Bobby doesn't need them anymore, but I almost bought a couple just because they were so cheap.

every size imaginable, and all different styles.

After shopping and gorging ourselves on cheap, fake Mexican food, we went back to the barn for a trail ride. I called dibs on my favorite holey headed Appy mare Cookie and Sarah got on The Godfather. Both ponies were complete super stars.

i forgot my boots at home so i went all endurance rider outfit.

There was a hunter show right behind my barn on Sunday that I briefly considered going to, but after getting the news about my trailer, I quickly scratched that idea. Instead I went up that afternoon just to ride and found my horse covered in welts and super painful in his back.

all over his back and barrel.

After talking with BM, our best guess is he rolled in ground bees because there's nothing Bobby loves more than annoying bees to the point that they attack him and then standing there like a fucking idiot and taking it. His pasture mate also had several telltale welts despite wearing a fly sheet.

After a day of Bute and a Benadryl, the swelling had moved down into his legs on its way out. Good for the painfulness in his back, not so good when I had planned on doing his feet but had to scrap that idea when he couldn't bend his legs. He also decided on Monday to stick a mild case of hives on his cheeks for funsies.

yeah, no. he really is that cow hocked.

For whatever reason, he keeps getting hives every couple weeks since we've moved up here. I'm pretty sure it's his body's way of protesting living in this state. I feel you, Bobby.

Tuesday I didn't even bother going out to see him. Heal from your lumps on your own, giant moose. Wednesday he was much improved all over. No swelling in his legs, hives mostly cleared up, and no lingering soreness from his bee friends. He did, however, pick up a nasty case of rain rot on the top of his rump.

Because why not.

Rain rot is right up there with giant, open bleeding wounds for me: things I can deal with if called upon, but I'd rather babysit a small child. That shit is nasty. Nasty to touch, nasty to treat, nasty to clean up, nasty to look at. Just nasty.

he looks so shiny and healthy! FALSE.

He's been growing in a winter coat like a crazy horse, but it's been in the seventies here so there's no need for it. He's always been a super heavy sweater, so I imagine the rain rot came from sweat collecting in his thick coat and sitting there getting all nasty. As such, he got body clipped. No more hair for you, fungus! Now he's naked with patchy bald spots from where the rain rot took his coat with it. So attractive.

I also finally managed to get his feet cleaned up. Well, trimmed up. I did not manage to keep them clean long enough to get their pictures. My phone's camera takes possibly the worst pictures anyway.

i've finally figured out a good plan for his hinds and the fronts protest.

This post wasn't as quick as I intended it to be. Oh, well. At least there were lots of pictures!

I've only ridden twice since last Friday, so hopefully I'll get yelled at a lot tomorrow during my lesson and I'll actually be able to give you guys a better lesson recap. Fingers crossed for bad riding?


  1. I feel like a sleeping sloth on a daily basis.

    Also. Bobby. Stop with the swelling.

  2. has an outlet store??? Mind blown.

    1. It's the horse, dog, fish, ferret, and outlet store. Filled to the brim with random pet and horse goodness for stupid cheap. Definitely a destination store!

  3. I totally did not know about this outlet store either, I am going to live within an hour of it! SCORE!

    1. Oh my gosh yes!!! Sometimes you'll find nothing, but they always have super cheap brand new big name brand tall boots and a big clearance section in the back. The horse loverz store is just a few miles away too.

  4. What! Poor lad. One would think you should scope the rolling area prior to rolling.... hmmm

    Feet look great, you should move to Ontario and do feet for us

  5. ughhhhhh fungi of various ilks are ruining my life....


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