Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Totally Original Title

First off, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post. More than anything I praise you for your intelligence for being able to understand what was essentially one long, confusing ramble that started out trying to be a ride recap.

I'm not going to quit my weekly lessons with Trainer, but I do think I need to communicate with her a little better about what I can work on by myself. While she's absolutely giving me valuable tools, great advice, and--above all--making my horse go better, I'm really struggling with essentially riding the same lesson every single day all week until the next one. Being able to progress on my own is very important to me.

Does that make sense? You people are brilliant. I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

here is my horse on monday because i suck at taking pictures lately.

I can tell already that these lessons are going to pay off in all aspects of my riding. Obviously stadium is just dressage over fences, yada yada, we've all heard that a hundred times. Me actually taking the time to put that into practice has not been heard a hundred times. When the fences come out, the flat work gets rushed because yay jumping!

However, I want to be better. I'm working my lady balls off trying to improve lately, dudes.

The change is upon me. (I hope you read that in a super melodramatic voice as that is how it was intended.)

So. I erased all thought of the low, wide oxer plopped in the middle of the otherwise empty ring and rode some dressage first. We struggled a little bit to start. I couldn't get Bobby quite as relaxed or round as I have been the past several rides, but I was totally okay with that. Working through shit! That gives me something to do!

Then I started to get a little frustrated with myself and kicked my feet out of the stirrups because flatting in a jump saddle eludes me. Instantly, Bobby softened all over like, "Finally, you fucking idiot. I'm glad you remembered how to ride."

Really ought to fix that, but I love you, dressage saddle.

here is sunrise in my backyard because i suck at taking pictures lately.

I did pick my stirrups back up to canter because once I developed a good canter, I didn't want to change anything before turning in to the oxer. Fortunately, I managed some level of competence there and was able to get Bobby into a forward but engaged canter with very little difficulty.

Dressage. It unlocks all miracles.

I turned Bobby down the center line, kept the forward canter, kept my leg on, and he jumped right over it out of stride and carried on like no big deal. I only came over it from the left, but turned in from both ends of the arena. We could do no wrong and I quit after a few times each way.

A quick right lead canter on the trails, and then on to the next horse!

here is ralph because he is adorable
and so hungry for cookies.

Ralph is the Quarter Horse BM let me ride a few times while Bobby was completely out of commission. He's western pleasure broke, and he is so hard to ride english. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time getting a horse to canter without flailing around and leaping into a gallop. We just weren't speaking the same language no matter how hard BM tried to help us out.

I'm riding him with Trainer after Bobby's lesson on Friday. We're going to get yelled at a lot. I can feel it already.


  1. That's awesome you're going to continue with lessons!

    Ralph is so adorable... Have fun getting yelled at :p

  2. Ralph has such an adorable face. I'm sure you guys will be BA in the lesson.

  3. Ooh my I can't wait to hear about THAT lesson :)

  4. Love when the dressage carries over into the jumping. I know it's supposed to work that way, but not everything works out the way it's supposed to for us ammies. But once in a while it all comes together!

  5. my trainer gave me shit last night for getting a little 'excited' when the jumps come out (or go up).... but then admitted that everybody does it. i mean, yes dressage is the secret meaning of life or whatever but i just wanna go fast and jump over stuff sometimes!!!

    also ralph is adorable

  6. Western pleasure horse that flails around and leaps into a gallop... hmm, where have I heard that one before? LOL

    Gld you had such success with the oxer. Sounds fun!

  7. I have also been working on dressage with my jumping...miracles! Can't wait to read the recap on your Ralph lesson!

  8. Catching up after reading this post and the last. My only thought on the exercises that trainer is asking you to do- even though you obviously already rock at them, is that they're keystone type movements and good strength builders!

  9. Ralph... Perfect name for that horse. You know your strengths and your weaknesses, and you know what you need to do to better yourself. Keep pushing my friend! You're an inspiration.

  10. I read "The change is upon me" in Morgan Freeman's voice. Just for you.

  11. I want your backyard. So pretty! I can totally relate to wanting more from a trainer in terms of something more challenging to work on when I'm by myself. It gets boring doing the same thing.

  12. Ralph sounds like Rascal. I would NOT want to ride Rascal with a dressage trainer


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