Monday, August 31, 2015

TNEC Intro Hunter Pace

Sunday was a small hunter pace held at my barn. They do one of these about once a month in the summer. They're short, easy, and a good intro to horses that don't usually get out over terrain or see natural jumps. I hadn't originally planned on taking Bobby out for it because we have these jumps available to us whenever we want to use them, but barn friend A and I decided at last minute we'd toodle around for funsies.

pics from the pace haven't been posted yet, so have some saturday riding ones instead

It almost instantly turned into a comedy of errors on our ride, and when we finally crossed the finish line and stopped for the BO to get a picture, instead of calling out the requisite "Ponies!", I  heartily yelled out, "This was the worst hunter pace everrrrrr!"

But at least I wasn't the one that was carted off in the ambulance.

A and I had agreed to meet towards the end of the ride so that everyone that was trailering in would have already headed out. A has a green OTTB that has done approximately zero things besides race, and the initial plan was to take him out there and let him follow easy peasy Mr Magee around. If he jumped some tiny logs, great. If he flipped out, no problem. We'd just head back.

just before dropping my stirrups because 2 weeks in a dressage saddle made me
forget how to flat in a jump saddle.

As I was hanging out in the barn waiting for A to arrive, someone came running in from the front field where the pace started looking for BM. One of the riders had fallen and wasn't getting up. Fortunately, one of the barn girls' mom is a nurse, so she hustled out there to assess the situation while BM and BO were located and brought the Gator out.

Then we start hearing screaming, and the girl's horse gets brought back on foot with her partner who informs us the ambulance has been called as it looks like K has broken her leg. Turns out K jumped ahead, the horse got pissed and bucked on landing, and K fell off landing in what must have been the most awkward way possible.

It was not the most comfortable wait ever for those of us back at the barn as we kept hearing poor K screeching whenever the EMT did anything to her, but they finally put her out and got her loaded up to head to the hospital.

I swear we all felt really bad for her, but in typical horse girl fashion, we were also like, "BM isn't going to tell the last of us we can't go now, is she?" Because when someone breaks their leg falling off a horse in front of you, obviously you want to get right back in the saddle and go jump some jumps.

much more comfortable!

At that point, A arrived and the three remaining groups decided we'd get tacked up and go for it.

A's horse, History, has a really great brain and despite being a little wide eyed, he walked and trotted around pretty sanely. His canter looked a little more fun, and A immediately lamented her lack of a martingale, but warm up was contained for both of us.

Bobby and I hopped over a few of the bigger jumps in the front field while A trotted History around some more. Bobby was being a really good boy. I was jumping him in just his Happy Mouth snaffle and he wasn't bowling through it which was a nice change.

Then I brought him around to the 3' brush box. The thing's a little sketch, but we've jumped it before with no problem. We cantered up to it confidently, I saw a perfectly acceptable distance and since Bobby had been there with me for all the other jumps, I thought we were for sure going for it. At the last second, Bobby added a half step, started to jump, and then must have felt me up his neck too much (I guess?) and threw on the brakes as he was already halfway over the fence.

Obviously that meant he landed on the fence and brought the whole thing down. I was thrown up onto Bobby's head, and thought I was going to be able to save it when he jumped back, but he lurched a little too hard and I slow motioned rolled over his head onto the fence.

I immediately jumped up with nothing more than a little dirt of my breeches and elbow, and started after my horse who was walking calmly back to the barn.

Best part of this?

I got it on helmet cam!

Bobby continued to meander away, but he calmly stopped when I jogged a few steps to catch up to him and grab my poor dragging bridle. Aside from one of the straps on his RF open front boot ripping, nothing else was harmed. BM caught me in the act of bridling Bobby back up, and when she walked over, A and I were like, "We didn't want you to see us! We figured you were going to make everyone just get the fuck off and go home for the day!"

No harm done though as I'm not even a touch sore today. Bobby and I jumped one more jump in that field just to say we did it without dying, and then the four of us hustled out of there to finish the pace.

Both boys were really good as we trotted most of the rest of the way before stopping in one of the fields so I could get some video of A taking History over his first real cross country fence. He was a total rock star, and before heading back to the barn, we stopped for a quick trip into the pond.

I pulled my phone arm band off to grab a few more pictures, and then held it in one hand while turning Bobby around to get him out of the water. Once out, I went to put my arm band back on only to discover it was empty. My brand new iphone had abandoned ship somewhere in the murky water.

A and I jumped off and searched through all the grass hoping it had fallen on the shore instead, but definitely not. We left it there to wait for the water to clear to come back and look for it.

This is why Carly can't have nice things. Ever.

don't take technology near water. you'd think that would be a given.

There were a few more jumps we could have gone over to finish, but at that point we just strolled the rest of the way in an attempt to keep anything else bad from happening. After we took care of the ponies, A and I headed back out for phone recovery.

I waded in all the way up to my thighs in nasty pond scum, but no phone to be found. As I was trudging out, about two inches from shore, I saw the corner of my Ravens case poking out from weeds. The water was just deep enough to cover the whole fucking phone of course, and the thing is dead, but at least I found it. It's currently sitting in a tub of rice, but my hopes for it ever turning on again are pretty much nonexistent.

Needless to say, Bobby gets today off.

every day leg doctoring. also, don't believe those ribs. 

In my quest to dominate the shit out of all things riding and up our game, I have a lesson with a dressage trainer and R judge Friday morning. She's my BM's regular trainer, and I like the way all of BM's horses go. I plan on lessoning with BM too, it's just a matter of finances. BM also said that there's a H/J trainer she uses that sometimes comes up for lessons that I would probably be interested in once Bobby's fit enough to do a jumping lesson.

Fuck yeah, opportunities! Now to win the lottery....


  1. Opportunities ftw!!

    Sorry, it's monday. That's all I've got.

  2. I'm sorry about your phone! I swear those things have are magnetically drawn to liquid. Mine tend to be attracted to cesspools, toilets, and even to a bowl of ranch one time.

    I'm glad that you found such a great barn to be at! Hope the girl with the broken leg gets better soon.

  3. Dude, what is with OTTBs landing on jumps lately??? Glad you were okay though!

    Sorry about your phone, that shit is rough :( But I do love that helmet cam video!

    1. Seriously the second I saw what had happened, I was like, "This is just like Jenn and Roger!!!"

  4. @___________@ Must buy a water buffalo

  5. OMG that water buffalo is soooooo majestic. lolz

  6. I love the angry side eye you get in the first video. Were you not letting him jump all the things?! Sorry about your phone. This is why I have a crappy slidey text phone and refuse to upgrade to a smart phone.

    1. I think he was just pissed I was making him wait. I had a massively clunky flip phone up until three months ago when I finally upgraded. Now I know why I held off so long!

  7. Really hoping your phone surprises you and turns back on!

  8. Good falls on helmet cam FTW! WTF though, amiright?

  9. He looks so please with himself in the water. Bobby can never make it too easy for you. That's just boring!

  10. Totally the creature from the Black Lagoon.

    Fingers crossed on the iPhone recovery!

  11. how do you get your helmet cam so steady??!? mine seems to shake all over the god damned place... either you are a MUCH quieter rider (likely) or my helmet is too loose... ugh...

    seriously tho, that hunter pace sounds cursed lol. glad y'all made it out relatively unscathed!

    1. I've never had any problems with it shaking. Are you sure the mount is locked all the way?

    2. hm i will have to check. it only really happens when i'm busting my butt trying to drive the horse forward, so it might just be that *everything* is shaky (including my head), not just the camera... idk haha

  12. Helmet cam dump for the win. It did actually look like you were coming up on the perfect spot!

  13. I do love that helmet cam video...very graceful, Bobby!

  14. Jeez. That was quite an adventure. I adore the photo of him in the pond, please get that framed. Sorry about your phone....

  15. Epic helmet cam footage!! Sorry about the phone though.


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