Thursday, September 18, 2014

SFTS Blog Hop: Why do you do what you do?

Love this blog hop from Jenn at Stories from the Saddle! The question is why you ride in your specific discipline.

For those of you that have been reading my blog for any amount of time, or for anyone adept at looking to your right and reading show recaps from the sidebar, you know that I am not a single discipline sort of person.

We show dressage:


We event:

oh, god, we are all going to die.

And we are very serious gamers:

legit competitors.

So I guess for my blog hop, it's more like "Why do you do all things sort of well, instead of focusing on one thing and doing it really well?"

Answer: Because that is boring as shit.

I started off with Bobby wanting him to be my big event horse. Eventing was something I had just started to explore with Red when Bobby officially joined us down here in PA; I didn't think Red had the brains for cross country, and I knew he didn't have the willing attitude for a decent dressage test. Bobby was (and is, when cooperating) pretty fancy on the flat, and he had that long, rangy look of an event horse.

lowest dressage score everrr.

We started there. But while flat rides and jumps are all well and good, trail riding is even more fun. So we did a lot of trail riding between events. Then we did straight dressage shows to get more ribbons feedback. When my barn told me about the open show at the rodeo every year, I rediscovered my love for a good western saddle and taught Bobby to barrel race.

look at that happy gaming horse face!

However, you can't go to a gaming show just to barrel race. Obviously I had to teach him poles and keyhole while I was at it.

we take things very seriously.

It turned out that not only is doing all the things way more fun....Bobby is actually really good at everything I've tortured him with so far. He has yet to show up to a show of any discipline and not come away with a ribbon, or in the case of gaming where you don't always get ribbons (WHAT. I KNOW.), at the very least a top time in one of the events.

not being remotely spooky really helps matters

We'll continue our cross discipline tour because I can't imagine something sparking my interest so intensely that I'd be willing to give up all the other fun things we do. Also, I think Bobby would implode if he had to do the same thing day in and day out.


  1. You should check out Working Equitation: you can do dressage over obstacles!!! And speed runs. And work cattle. Plus, you get to gallop around carrying a lance.

    It's awesome!

  2. I love how you do all the things with him :)

  3. Aaaaand this is why you guys are awesome!

  4. I believe in your style! We do ALL the things. Idea is to keep the horses sane...but TBs are interesting in that way...

  5. Great post! Thanks for participating :)

  6. yay for versatility! makes for happy horses :)

  7. ALL THE THINGS! love it, variety is the spice of life!

  8. I wish I was less hardcore about competing...and could try all the things too...its a struggle for me to let go of big dreams!

  9. I'm totally with you on the versatility thing.

  10. You two are awesome at all the things!

  11. Plus he drives! Even though you don't compete him avec cart (yet). =) So well rounded

  12. I love this. I have a hard time committing to anything as well and there's so much pressure to pick something and go with it. Screw them all!


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