Thursday, September 25, 2014

Real time

First of all, thank you for all the condolences about Baby K's passing. They made me cry, but I appreciate that you guys totally get the sense of loss. It's been tough.

I had another post queued, but I didn't really like it all that much so I scrapped it and figured, what the fuck. I'll just do a real post about what Bobby and I have been doing this week to prepare for our final show of the season. It will be "brief" and heavy on the media. Fave!

(As a quick aside, if you never get another post from me again it's because the snap peas I'm cooking have combusted and blown up the entire fucking house. Why are they popping so loudly?!)


I finally went out to the barn this past Sunday. My barn mates put up with a lot of intermittent blubbering on my part before I even got my horse out which was nice of them. I had planned on doing a dressage ride, but the weekday BM showed up and asked if I wanted to go on a trail ride with her an a couple other riders. Um, yes! Way better than dressage!

those are some photogenic horses right there.

BM had gotten permission to ride on land across the road which opened up tons of trails for us. Finally! Just in time for bow season to start! Oh, well. At least we can go out on Sundays.

perfect gallop stretch


I finally put in my dressage school on Monday. Bobby was lovely as long as he was going long and low. He wanted no part of doing actual work. I let him get away with it for most of the ride, but did manage to run through our dressage test once. I might have done a little more work after that, but the infamous "I have no concept of spacial awareness or sharing the arena" came in and immediately stuck her horse on the longe in the middle of the ring as I was finishing my last canter circle...also in the middle of the ring.

I mean, really.


After my dressage ride the previous day, I dragged out all the standards, poles, and fill in the outdoor that had been put in the corners for J to drag the ring and set up a legit course. Bending lines, related distances, placing poles, yada yada. It took me close to an hour to complete since I was starting from scratch and when I was done I was pumped to ride it first thing the next morning.

I got to the barn, got Bobby tacked up, grabbed another horse that needed to get turned out in the paddock by the outdoor, and headed up. There I discovered one of the barn girls had dismantled my entire course to set up three barrels to play with her young horse she almost never rides. I was seething. I turned out Dollar and marched back down to the barn to hand BM his halter.

Turns out, BM had told the girl I was planning on jumping and she pulled the course down anyway. I was mature about it. I didn't punch anyone. Instead I reorganized my weekly schedule and moved my conditioning day up.

following the pig dog up a hill

Pig, Bobby, and I headed across the road to our newly opened trails and did some trot and canter sets. It was a beautiful day for it and both the pony and puppy were perfectly behaved. Still. I was puh-retty annoyed I was going to have to set all those jumps up again.

pig skipped most of the conditioning work to stalk gopher holes, but she did do a little bit.


I went to the barn early to help BM do stalls so we could go down to the fair to watch the harness races with BO. That was a blast as BM used to train and drive trotters so she was able to explain everything to me (Why are the overchecks so tight? What is that pole for? Do they all wear hobbles? Why are their manes so long? My knowledge of harness racing is limited.), and I got an extra serving of greasy, sugary fair food which is never a bad thing.

i loved this trotter. he looked like a big happy puppy,
even as he was putting distance between himself and the rest of the field. 

I ran home to let Pig out for a frolic before heading back to the barn to reset my course. Hubby was nice enough to stop in on his way home from work and grab a couple of pictures and video for me as I was finishing up.

Bobby did great, but more importantly I did great! I was seeing every distance--even if I could see it wasn't going to be a perfect one, I saw the long or short and was able to prepare--and I was thinking constantly. Yeah, pretty much never happens.

We didn't do a full course, just jumped most of them as singles and did two combinations. I'm planning on doing an intense schooling tomorrow.

For the bending line, the first time I came through it Bobby was too quiet (WHAT.) and he rolled the first pole out and chipped in an extra stride in the line. I knew I had to keep him packaged to make the short turn to the first jump, but then I had to land and leg him on to get the forward five. And I did!



Which finally brings us to today. I got Bobby outfitted in draw reins (Oh, the horrors. I've discussed my choice to use them when I feel it's necessary ad nauseam on this blog, but feel free to bitch if it makes you feel better.) and did a brief flat ride in the indoor to avoid the rain. The draw reins remained loose and unused until people started arriving for a lesson and stood around talking just out of sight from the arena. Then they were activated, and I was very thankful to have them to keep Pea Brain's attention on me and continuing with the good work instead of instigating a fight about being an asshole/hollow-backed llama.

See? Perfect situation for their use.

Jump school tomorrow, show prep Saturday, and show on Sunday!


  1. I think you did very well not punching miss barrel bitch or even losing it on her. That definitely sounds like a good situation to have draw reins in. I hate using them, but even I realize that they have their benefits. Good luck at the show! I'm sure you and Bobby will do awesome!

  2. Your week sounds like it had some good pick me ups! I hope you're feeling a little less heartbroken :( Bobby and you both look fabulous jumping around.

  3. Good to have you 'back' Carly :) :) What are your ride times for Sunday?! I want to drag hubby up to watch you go so he believes that my blog friends are real.

    1. OMG I wanna come too! I live close!!

    2. Umm...good question. I'll let you know when I get them! Hubby is always happy when another dude shows up.

      And Jenn, COME!!!!!!!

    3. Oh, guess what. If I just click on the link that says "Ride times" it will tell me. Dressage 1:06, jumping starts 2:15.

  4. Shaking my head at rude lunging/barrel people. I mean, honestly. I do applaud your self-restraint, because if it were me, I'd have shared my thoughts to both of them!

    But you and Bobs look great! Good luck at the show!! :)

  5. Good luck at the show, you guys will do awesome :) Good job on the self-control with the barrel girl as well.... :)

  6. Quite a productive week, even with frustrating moments.

  7. Good luck at the show!
    I would have given so many dirty looks to the barrel girl.

  8. Just wanted to say 'hey' cause I've started reading along! So sorry for your pup - that's seriously rough, but good luck with your show on Sunday!

  9. Bobby looks so...controlled! I don't even know what I would do if an entire jump course got dismantled for no good reason!

  10. I will set up gymnastics/grids/jump courses every so often for my students and think "awesome, I can have everyone ride it this week." only to arrive the next day and see everything's been torn down for this 'dressage court' my fellow trainer makes out of standards and poles in the center of the arena... I totally emphasize with that "wtf" thing. Arguably, my coworker has more reason for tearing it down than that goose... but still.

  11. Good luck at the show! You guys are gonna do great! :)

  12. sounds like a productive week (love the new gallop path!) - definitely good prep for the show! also, i highly doubt i would've handled the lunge and jump course sitch with nearly as much grace. good on you lol


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