Monday, September 1, 2014

August Review, September Goals

1. Hill work. I didn't end up going up the hill every single day like I originally planned because of his stifle issues. However, hill work has increased dramatically, and we're keeping at it on a regular basis.

2. Stretchy trot. I hope this holds up for our show because it is miles improved from what it was.

3. Trot-halt-trot. Also a lot sharper than they were. Bobby's usually pretty good on the center line anyway, but I've worked on cleaning them up all over.

half dry from a bath, hence the spots and awkward shadowing

1. Free walk to medium walk. I'm armed with all your suggestions from my post the other day, and this month I'm going to try to nail this down.

2. Remain present in all jumping rounds. Focus....

3. Clean up the thrush in his RF. I'm getting so close with daily Tomorrow treatment. I should have taken before pictures. I could fit almost three cotton balls in the crack. Nasty.

4. More yoga. Totally a horse riding goal. Why? Because my right hip is in such excruciating pain when I ride if I don't stretch for at least fifteen minutes beforehand that I literally fall to my knees when I dismount. The yoga helps it a ton, but I've been pretty lazy with it. Which is stupid since it does help. I'm just a lazy person in general.


  1. Great goals!
    I am finally all caught up on your adventures - you have been a busy bee since April...yeah I suck as a follower *LeBlush*

  2. My trainer has recommended yoga for me since I am apparently old, and my parts don't move the way they are supposed to. But how on earth is there time for another activity when you have a horse, cats, dogs, job, husband, house, etc?

  3. I have an old hip injury that causes some MAJOR pain that can cause issues with my knee and lower back. A good stretch I do if I forgot to stretch before getting in the saddle is do a quad stretch while Koda is walking about. If you want any other stretch ideas (on or off horse) let me know. Hip issues are a b*tch!

  4. nice goals! good luck with the yoga - let us know if you see any big benefits beyond stretching/strengthening your hip!

  5. If you ever find a secret to focusing let me know!

  6. hot yoga will help big time with tight hips!

  7. Good goals! And great job with August =]

  8. My right hip can also be in excruciating pain, a lot. In addition to yoga, I find doing GHD sit-ups helps a lot. At first, the hip is super painful, but after about an hour it's better than before. Weird.


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