Friday, September 12, 2014

I didn't say it would be interesting

A few quick bullet points before I begin my regularly scheduled rambling (As if I ramble. Bitch, please.):

  • The super fun thing I briefly alluded to several posts back was ranch sorting. I was going to make it a surprise post, but since it's no longer happening--surprise! A few unexpected expenses came up this week, and the extra money that was budgeted just waiting to be spent on silly things had to go to not silly things instead. Boo. It's supposed to rain tomorrow anyway, so they'll probably cancel. Apparently cow horse people don't like the rain. Definitely putting it on the schedule for next year, as this is the last one of the season. 
  • Which means that the hunter/jumper show next weekend I was firm on cancelling in favor of cow work I'm now considering again. But only slightly. I still have to look at bills, and we're going to a wedding the day before the show, so eh....
  • 200 followers! Took you bitches long enough. You guys were crawling. I'm going to crawl in starting the contest since I still don't actually know what to giveaway. 
To the regularly scheduled rambling we go!

Back to the old jumping of the jumps. Actually, we even jumped the same jumps from last time. I call that, "I'm fucking lazy. Leave me alone." 


I did stick my helmet cam on since I knew I was going to have zero other media!

We actually started with the other oxer coming in from the left, and while Bobby felt like he was approaching it well, and it didn't feel like we were missing our distance, in-air it seemed like he was jumping over his shoulder a bit. Not having eyes on the ground I couldn't tell, but that's my blind assessment. 

However, once we switched around to the right, he was cruising. His canter felt so great. I've been constantly reminding myself to leg him on, but while he's going faster-ish, it's still not feeling as smooth as when we're on cross country. But then it just did! I don't know what I changed, but his stride just stretched right out and started flowing. 

After a very short, but downright ballin' school, away we went to the hill again. 

There are two holes in the path so we have to hug the fenceline until we've passed them which makes for a slow canter, but after that he can roll out. And he really has the best gallop ever. Someone taught him excellent galloping manners. (What was that noise? Was that the sound of me tooting my own horn? Yes. Yes it was. Toot toot.) Stand a little taller, let a little rein out, and he coasts right back down. Dah poneh. So good sometimes. 

Then BO asked us to go explore the real trail where massive storm damage knocked down all the trees earlier this year and has blocked us going out. She was hoping the land owner had cleared it up by now, but he has not.

Oh, well. It makes for a fun couple of minutes of bushwhacking. 

Let me just say to wrap this up, I am so fucking good at in depth write ups. I feel like you guys get so educated when you read my posts. You're welcome for that. You're welcome for all the learning. 


  1. Sorry you can't go ranch sorting, but I hope you can get to the h/j show!! :)

  2. bummer about the unexpected bills. Bobby looks great schooling tho! nice gallop path too

  3. Loved that gallop up the hill. Really so very jealous!

  4. Love your helmet cams, and so jealous you have such fun places to ride out right on your farm!

  5. Love the gallop helmet cam! My girl is such a spaz, could never just go like that on her without her losing her mind :(


    I should maybe get my horse sound first and perhaps expose him to cows. You know.

    1. COME TO PA AND BE MY PARTNER! No one else will go with me because they are the lamest. I was going to have to pick up someone once I got there!

      First one of the year is next May....plenty of time for Courage to be sound! And for you to win the lottery and fly him all willy nilly across the country for silly things.

    2. DINO WANTS TO GO RANCH SORTING. Where, when, how much?! I am so in.

    3. It's at the Circle B Arena in Windfield PA. So close to us, not so close to you. First time for everything!!

  7. "Bushwhacking helmet cam" - Definitely a fan. Every time I see these videos I want a GoPro so bad! I would definitely go with the cow work because you don't always get those opportunities... Plus, I feel like it can be so much more exciting! Enough of the hurry up and wait! I WANT TO CUT CATTLE!

  8. Everything is so green and pretty out there!

  9. too bad about the sorting...what a bummer


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