Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hoofers and Tantrums

Let's start with tantrums because Bobby threw a whopper of one yesterday. It was an old school Mr Magee shit fit that had no rhyme or reason to it, and we ended up accomplishing almost nothing. Yay, I love my horse!

I brought my dressage tests and whip down, set them off to the side, and swung aboard to start walking. Bobby would not soften his jaw for a split second. He was having none of it. He was tense, braced, and locked up. I was already pouring sweat (Fuck you, ten thousand percent humidity.), so to stop myself from throwing my own shit fit out of frustration, I got off.

I stuck a pair of side reins on him, shortening the inside rein a hole shorter than the outside, and sent him off. Only he wouldn't go off. He was convinced that the inside rein was so much shorter than the outside that all I wanted him to do was spin around in a tiny circle. Never mind that the side reins were so loose I wasn't sure they were even going to work in the first place.

So we had a long discussion about going out to the end of the line and staying there. At the walk. He finally complied, and I asked for about three circles of trot before switching directions and repeating the whole process all over again.

Finally I got back on. The struggle on the ground worked because Bobby was feeling a lot more supple. We took to the diagonal and worked on free walk to medium walk. He was so good! My horse! His brain can retain information! So fancy!

And then he started flipping shit. Classic Bobby flying backwards, flying sideways, spinning around, flailing legs, bouncing off the wall, and so on and so on.

At this point we weren't even doing any transitions. We were just walking along the rail. He'd walk a lap and then find something offensive (I don't know what since I was literally just sitting there at the walk.) and blow the fuck up.

We finished after he was able to walk around the arena both directions several times without flipping shit. And that's how I spent an hour at the walk, sweating my lady balls off, and getting nothing done.

so sweaty. walking isn't hard, but being a tool is!

I treated him well after the ride. Bath, liniment rub down, hooves rasped, coated in Swat, and a little Bute to make sure he wasn't sore from where he bashed his hip into a jump standard. I wasn't even mad or frustrated. I'm so past that. I just write off his tantrums at this point. You cannot break me, Bobby Fuck Face.

I'd originally planned on giving him today off, but looking at the weather today was a million times cooler than tomorrow is supposed to be so I swapped it.

I started off switching his bit from the french link Happy Mouth dee that he's gone in the past...two-ish years to this Herm Sprenger. I haven't been pumped about the way he's gone in his HM lately, so I wanted to try something different. I tried him in this particular loose ring when I was on my epic bit hunt way back when and he threw such a fit about it that I took it off within five minutes.

give me your slobber, robert.

I grabbed S and N as they were finishing their lesson and went for a long walk along the pastures before going into the ring. Maybe it was being able to mouth it with no contact for half an hour first, but he seemed pretty happy with it this time around.

I did a lot of serpentines and transitions with him at the trot to lighten him up, then practiced picking up the canter at A and C and doing 15m circles at each end. It was a little rough at first, but now I know in warm up I have to get him super sharp off my leg at the canter because he wants to loaf a bit at the ends of the ring for some reason.

It was a quick workout that I gave him lots of praise for. We only have one more day to work before the show (tomorrow off, and I never ride the day before a show) so hopefully on Friday I can actually do some lateral work and lengthenings with him.

Now for his tootsies!

The fronts:

The RF is still a giant cluster fucking pain in my ass. At least the thrush is almost gone. Nothing else is good about it though.

The hinds:

The hinds are looking a million times better than when I last updated. I'm actually pretty happy with them.


  1. His feet are looking SO much better!

  2. You cannot break me, Bobby Fuck Face - ha, I love it!

    1. Absolutely love it. I think sometimes with bits you gotta make them forget about the ones they "despise" until they its so thoroughly forgotten they can have a good experience with it.

    2. ^What L said about bits! Totally agree! And OMG his feet look SO good! I can tell you good things about that RF: beefy frog, wide heels, thicker walls, and even looks like he's starting to get some concavity! All great things! :D

  3. Feet looking good! Wish I could remain calm during and after tantrums. One rear will bother me and be on my mind for days!!

  4. Bobby F Face should meet Bridger F Face, so good most of the time and then I just WTF what are you doing!? I am in awe of his feet, they really look great!

  5. oh bobby.... at least you got something done? hope the next workout goes better

  6. the endless bit struggle of riding...

  7. I love your way of thinking :)

  8. please write my posts for me - I try but can't seem to get that raw feel.

    Also I still have yet to find a bit that Dassah won't chomp to pieces when she's being asked to do something.

  9. His feet look bomber! GREAT job! And those hinds?! Night and day difference! Bravo.


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