Tuesday, May 20, 2014

VCBH: Bit It Up

Thank the baby Jesus for L and her blog hops to fill the void on an otherwise post-less week. (Although, for an extremely brief update on Bobby's hoof, I'll say that a) he's lame again, and b) I am getting so super good at wrapping feet. Thanks, Bobby. Always a teacher.)

Bobby has three different bridle set ups for his three different disciplines.


On his Micklem bridle, he wears a plain old Happy Mouth french link dee. He absolutely loves this bit, and I'd never put him in anything else for a real dressage school. Bobby is prone to intense dramatics when I change his favorite things, so Bobby gets what Bobby wants. He's been in this bit going on three years.


No jumping in bits for Robert! Not unless you want to bring on full fledged hysterics, and some of the most amazing backwards acrobatics ever performed. Whatever, Bobby. You were never destined to be a hunter horse anyway. The only difference between his hackamore and the one pictured is that the curb chain on his is flat leather. He doesn't tolerate the chain curbs. (That...made sense, right?)


Bobby goes in the above atrocious monster when doing wild western horse things. I don't even know what it's called besides "Nothing else will get my attention besides this ten pound metal contraption strapped to my face when I'm being a rodeo queen king". One day I hope he'll be able to go in just a plain snaffle for gaming events. But that day is not now.


  1. I love how he goes in a happy mouth and a hackamore ... and then a crazy twisted wire contraption. ROFL

  2. Truth, some days I call Ramone "Big Baby Jesus"


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