Friday, May 2, 2014

New saddle!

Yay! I joined the new saddle blogging band wagon!

puppies say, "what did we get?!"

My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday (which is not until June, by the way, but who am I to turn down early birthday presents?), and I jokingly told her that I wanted a new dressage saddle. I'd told her this over Christmas as well, but she was all whatevski. However, she decided that of course Bobby needed a new saddle for the approaching show season. See the different angle there? She'll buy Bobby literally anything.

So after several days of trying to find a store that actually carried a Tekna S Line dressage saddle that wasn't "indefinitely back ordered", Mutti called The Farm House on Tuesday and my saddle arrived today. Heck yeah for customer service!

clearly i need a portable saddle rack next.

I'd already gone to the barn, and as tempting as it was to turn around and drive right back to try it on Bobby, I refrained. I'll just have to wait to give it a spin tomorrow either before or after the barn show and see if I can ride in it on the dressage show Sunday.

Speaking of riding old Roberto, I saddled him up in my western tack today because I'll only be doing the gaming classes tomorrow--no jumping. He was back to his usual exceptionally obnoxious self today, and he didn't get a fever all week, so I feel good about doing both shows.

We practiced barrels and key hole for a bit this afternoon. Mostly this involved me sitting with my legs up past his shoulders trying to get him to slow the fuck down with my seat since he was completely ignoring the slow twist snaffle in his mouth. I mean, I guess you don't really need to slow down in gaming events, right? And you don't really need steering either because he knows the barrel pattern. And technically he does eventually stop. We're totes ready for this!

It does make me giggle riding him western though because he so thoroughly enjoys himself. He even consented to do flying changes on the center line both directions like a total boss. Okay, so they were at mach speed and he took the flying part very seriously, but he was still too fancy.

Hopefully I can force my camera on someone tomorrow to get video or pictures. Hubby will be working all day so my usual photographer is out. Go, go, gaming Bobby!


  1. So, in June, you're going to pretend that the saddle was for Bobby's birthday and ask your mom for something else, right?

    Have fun tomorrow!!!

  2. Woohooo new saddle!!! That's exciting! Hope it is everything you need it to be!

  3. Yeah!! Congrats...and Western craziness sounds FUN!

  4. Wow, that is fast. Lauren didn't get hers from Farmhouse until forever.

  5. Gotta love good customer service!
    YAY for new saddles!!!

  6. Exciting new saddle!! Best mail ever!!

    Hope this weekend goes well!!

  7. Can't wait to read all about your Western adventures! Good luck!

    Hoping you and Bobby love the saddle. :D

  8. That is very quick turnaround, congrats on the new saddle!

  9. Awesome saddle, and have fun!

  10. Congrats!!

    And I am amused that you also call your mom Mutti.

  11. It's so pretty!! Congrats :)

  12. You may have the nicest mom in the world! If I asked my mom for a saddle, she'd probably just maniacally and then hang up on me :)

  13. Glad your experience with Farm House was better than mine! Lovely new saddle.

  14. Oh that is awesome! I have looked at those for a while, definitely do a follow-up and let us know how you like it.


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