Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Off Again looks like Bobby is in for another brief hiatus, this one for an undetermined amount time. Maybe a day or two, maybe a week or more.

The good news is that it's not Lyme. The bad news is that means the only other thing that can cause him discomfort is his tootsies. (Not that there aren't other things. He's just never taken a lame step in his life unless his feet are falling off.)

Ugh, stupid tootsies.

the big galump and his friends being brought in monday morning.
my bm sent me this. so pretty!

So. What's wrong with his feet this time around?

Monday he seemed a little ouchy up in the outdoor, but the ring hasn't been dragged in over a week and it was rock hard. I couldn't blame him there, so we went down to the indoor. He was completely comfortable there, and we had a long dressage ride. Tuesday, it was raining which put us in the indoor anyway. He took a couple of uncomfortable steps when first stepping into the trot, but that was all I felt the entire ride.

Today, he was sleeping when I walked in, but jumped right up when he noticed me. I pulled him out of his stall and right away noticed he was NQR. It was without a doubt the RF--it always is, that stupid deformed fuck face--and I wanted to blame it on the ridiculous thrush his got going on that refuses to go away. It took me over a month to get it cleared up with Oxine AH last fall, and now it's back again. BM, however, thought it looked higher up like his shoulder.

I walked him up and down the aisle for her, and as he stepped off he paused for a big stretch of his RH. Now I was thinking maybe he was just stiff. I stretched all his legs out (Bobby loves his stretches!) before taking him down to the indoor for a longe.

Hmm. He's definitely off. Just the faintest head bob, and he worked mostly out of it, but if you were looking for something, you could see it. I still think it looks like his hoof. He wasn't reaching out quite as much with the RF, and he was landing toe first with a stabbing motion--like the major thrush in his heel was causing him pain.

He got some feel good candy, and BM suggested shoving iodine-soaked cotton up the crack. I'm completely out of real thrush medicine, so a trip to TSC is in order.

It's frustrating because his soles are rock hard and his WLD is finally cleared up. And while I've been waiting for some sort of hoof soreness to spring up with the ponies finally out on full grass privileges, we've cut his grain way back to try to balance it out.

He'll definitely get tomorrow off with just a hoof soak on the menu, but I'm going to stick the hoof boot on him for a longe to see if that helps him any.


  1. Ew thrush :( Between scratches and thrush, this time of the year is the worst!

  2. Damn. :(
    You guys deserve a break of abundant sunshine for a while!! Send Bobby my best wishes!

  3. Foot, get your shit together. Good thoughts for Robert's feets!

  4. Ugh what a pain. Poor Bobby and poor you. Hope it clears up quick.!

  5. That stinks. Hope he feels better soon!

  6. Argh hate thrush! Hopefully it gets cleared up fast!

  7. Dear Bobby, get better or I will come cut your feet off (that's really something to cry about!) signed the foot cutting bandit.

  8. Spring grass used to make one of mine lame literally overnight. Maybe it's that plus the thrush? Hopefully you can get it cleared up asap so y'all can get back to work!

  9. For what it's worth the iodine soaked cotton did WONDERS for Simon's deep sulcus thrush. Big help.

  10. Carly, I'm certain you've got a team you trust and respect with regards to random deep hoof issues, but here's a thought: I had an OTTB who got thrush like I'd never seen before. He'd be off for six weeks at a time with iodine wraps and hoof soaks and careful cleaning and a dry lot and... jesus. He was a nightmare. The vet recommended feed-through iodine E.D.D.I. 20 GR. (organic iodine dextrose). One teaspoon twice a day, and it cleaned him up. It also helped with his ongoing rain rot, but anyhow. Cattle farmers use it a lot to prevent all the cattle from passing fungal infections amongst one another.

    Just some unasked for advice.

    Best of luck, Mr. Bobby's been looking b-e-a-utiful and I know it sucks when things are going well to have to take some time off.


    1. Very interesting! I've never heard of this before. I will most definitely be looking into it. Thanks!!

  11. Hope things clear up quick! 'Tis the season for bad footsie problems!


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