Thursday, May 15, 2014

TBT: Red Pony

The Red Pony knew no greater joy in life than rolling in the biggest puddle he could find. These pictures are from 2009 when I had him boarded at the college I went to, and just before I sold him.

freshly bathed and clipped.

searching out the perfect spot...

nothing beats standing water for a good roll.

full coverage. mission complete.

In exciting blog news, I'm veeeerrrryyyy slowly starting to add labels to some of my more fun posts. You can now find some of the dressage conversations between Bobby and myself, all the Wordless Wednesday works of .gif art, and can reference back to the scintillating lesson fees discussions. Eventually I'll label all of the hoof posts. Plus, I finally added a search bar so that if you can't wait for that, search for it your fucking self. I'm not here to serve you, bitches.

In other exciting blog news, I intend to have another contest/giveaway for when I reach 200 followers. I'd like to do this by June so I have the cash to fund such extravagance (I don't actually have any idea what the giveaway will be at this point), so bring forth the new readers!


  1. Look at you go! Organizing and shit... I'm impressed! Haha

  2. Oooh, I should add a search bar. That sounds cool.

  3. Hahaha he looks so pleased with himself :)

  4. My, what a lovely shade of mud :0)

  5. Do you ever wonder what they really think when we spend all that time grooming and bathing and clipping?

    And I'm proud of you for the labels and the search bar. I sorta remember bitching about this before.

    1. It was most definitely your influence. It only took me so long to add it because it was something that took longer than half a second to figure out, and usually my technology attention span doesn't last much longer than that.

  6. ooo ya you are way closer to 200 then me!


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