Monday, August 26, 2013

Toes pictures.

What kind of weird fetish hits will I get off of that title?

Pictures of Robert's toes on Sunday when he was feeling extremely uncooperative about standing still:


RF, with its stank ass thrush crack. 



Trying to use up what I have on hand before my broke ass has to buy more things, I treated the thrush crack (which smells fucking awful, but less fucking awful than Thursday) with some Today. I'm going to finish that off before probably buying the White Lightning.

grazing under the apple tree. life could be worse.

The plan for Mr Magee is to let him finish out the week in his pen, tiny paddock, and arena turnout before hopefully resuming his previous turnout schedule--going out from 7am to 2pm with Simon. I think he'd be fine out in the big paddock right now, but he has to walk up a steep, really rocky hill to get there. I walked him up Sunday to graze by the round pen and he was hurting. One more week ought to do it. Fingers crossed, at least.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to saddle him up for some no stirrup riding in the indoor. My broken foot was feeling better at the end of last week, so I helped Hubby move furniture. Bad idea. Really bad idea. Now it hurts worse than it did before. Healing is so fucking boring.

In better news, the camera that Hubby dropped in the creek on our trail ride a few weeks ago was replaced this weekend. Holla! Always buy a warranty plan, kids. Best Buy didn't have our Sony anymore, so we got a higher quality Nikon instead. Okay, Best Buy. If you insist. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, and all we really want a camera for is Facebook quality pony pictures and various other fun things we  do (like....?). Look for high quality hoof pictures to replace my cell phone pictures soon. Because things are that interesting around here.

recovered pics from trail ride off of old camera.

hubby and dollar.

Aaaand that concludes one of the most boring posts ever.

You're welcome.


  1. sorry for the foot pains (you and Bobby). Glad you not only got your pics, but a better camera. I love my Nikon, it makes me look like a good photographer even when I'm lazy ;)

  2. At least you got a better product out of Best Buy. They once weren't able to save my computer so they gave me a new was the crappiest computer I'd ever had the pleasure of using. I think it only ended up working for about 6 months before it bit the dust. They had asked me if I wanted to get a 5 year replacement plan on the computer they gave me as a replacement. I said "why, so when this one dies you can give me a Gameboy?" I hate computers...

  3. Poor footsies. Hope they toughen up quick, and I dearly hope you find a wonderful new farrier. Also, Nikons are awesome.

  4. Hope you and Bobbys feet fell better soon!

  5. Oh poor Bobby boy. If you want to go really cheap on the anti-thrush, there's always plain white vinegar.

  6. White Lightening is the magical elixer of the gods. Clean Trax works on a similar principle if you can get it, and I hear it lasts longer/ is cheaper (we in the great white north cannot access it, alas)
    Once you've kicked the bejesus out of the thrush to begin with keep a spray bottle of organic applce cider vinegar (with the mother) and a few drops of tea tree oil in it and spray it on the feetsies every day. You shall never encounter the beastly thrush again (well maybe not never, but you know...)


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