Monday, August 5, 2013


Thank you guys so much for not e-beating me when I whine all weekend. I'm really glad you understood what I was trying to get across; I was afraid you'd be like, "Les Quitter? What is this Les Nonsense? You're making no sense." (Also, I imagine you all read my blog posts in a faux French accent. You're a posh group of people.) Your comments made me feel like I'm not totally losing it, and if I am, at least I'm in good company.

I've got a very tentative plan going into next year. It does involve a little bit of jumping and maybe even a little bit of eventing, but definitely a lot of dressage. Once I get that sorted, I'll be sure to share.

In the meantime, two Negative Nancy posts in a row are two too many.

Bobby is bowing out*:

he's figured out how to make his legs listen to him.
pony was not impressed.
And I've picked up a new ride in the meantime**:

no ponies were harmed in the making of this picture.
i only rode him the length of the indoor.

Hopefully I'll have some good old fashioned Bobby dressage test posts for you before long.

* He's getting the week off. 

** I couldn't resist getting on Joey when I was putting him back in his pen. My feet literally touched the ground when I was on his back. We walked from one side of the indoor to the other and he got a cookie afterwards. He thought that was fair payment.


  1. Just caught up with your weekend. So sorry to hear, and gosh how frustrating! While on the one hand I believe that goals are healthy, on the other hand they really can be burdensome and there's nothing wrong with just letting them all go and taking it month by month based on what *feels* good to you (and to poor Bobby's feet).

  2. Haha we are posh group huh? :) you never cease to amuse. It'll all work out- and you're def not any crazier than the rest of us! Ha what's normal anyways?

  3. I'll admit, I didn't even need a prompt for the french accent. As soon as I saw "les" my brain voice immediately shifted to something pink pantheresque.

    Sending sound, quality feet vibes your way. Bring on the dressaaahhhge! (I hope that had a german accent).

  4. Hey, just saw a post of yours from a few days ago on Saddle Seat blog I grew up riding saddle seat so I wanted to give you this link:
    This is a list of all the trainers who signed up for the "Learn to Ride and Drive In Style" program to give free saddleseat (or driving) lesson on Saddlebreds or Hackneys back in 2011. The program isn't still active, but chances are these trainers will still give you a free lesson if you ask for it. Ask to ride a 5-gaited horse ;)

  5. Support is what we're here for! Glad to see you're feeling better :-)

  6. Haha, love the pics :) Can't wait to hear what the plan is!!


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