Thursday, August 29, 2013

New House. Again.

I don't even know how to make my posts not boring right now. In the Adventures of the Slightly Crippled Thoroughbred and His Slightly Crippled Owner, big updates to me are not really worth reading about to you.

For instance....

On Tuesday, I went down to the barn to hang with Sarah on her birthday and test out some of the settings on my replacement camera. Bobby got to graze while Memphis got his booty worked.

fancy dutch hippo.

he was dead set on taking off from sixty feet away.

As they were cooling out, I jumped on my heavily Show Sheen-ed pony and took him for a canter circle each way. He stepped right off as soon as I closed my legs and seemed happy to go. Not unfix-ably broken. Yay!

chased by a UFO.
that's what i get for not wearing my helmet!

On Wednesday, I pulled the stirrups off my saddle and did twenty minutes of walk work in the indoor. The ride was all about leg yields, and Bobby showed that he's better to the left than he was earlier this summer, but that he needs a visit from the chiro eventually. He shut down doing them to the right, throwing on the brakes and glaring at me (no one can shoot you the Death Stare like Bobby can) before turning his refusal of moving forward into a spinning tantrum. Nice to have you back, Robert! We finished with an acceptable leg yield to the left. Add a hip cracking to the growing list of things he needs.

pig dog!

pig dogs love balls!

Today, I stuck my stirrups back on and went back to the indoor. Bobby was all, "Walk? Why not trot? Trot? Why not canter?" So I let him do his thing. It was about a thirty minute ride and it was done primarily at the walk, but he did get some trot work in and even a tiny canter. Instead of leg yields, I focused mostly on the shoulder-in and doing a lot of counter bend. Gosh, his shoulder-in is so fab. It's taken him forever for him to give me a correct one, but today it just clicked for him. Soooo good both ways.

I let him do one canter circle before taking him across the diagonal and doing a lap of counter canter. Repeat in the opposite direction. I gotta admit, I'm really jealous of Sarah who asked Memphis to flying change over to the counter canter on the long side and they carried on like it was no bigs. One day, Robert.

We finished with our first go at a medium trot. For having feet that look like a neglect case, it was pretty fab itself. Maybe next year we'll actually be able to show First at the beginning of the year and finish out with Second 1?

feet today.

watching the hounds. he's not a fan of dogs. 

Since he's been so sound in the indoor, and he's been walking up the driveway better each day, I decided to leave him in his stall overnight so he can try to go out with Simon tomorrow morning. I'm sure he'll be appreciative of the extra grass and having a buddy again. Hopefully his feet hold up to it. If not, he can always go back to his pen. He'll probably have the next.... four-ish days off. Hubby's littlest bro is coming out to do manly things all weekend, and I feel as though I should be around the house to supervise.

baby kelpie dog.

if i can't give you exciting pony updates, at least i can give you cute puppy pics!

We'll see how my foot feels tomorrow, but I actually had my feet in the stirrups for trot work and didn't feel as though I was going to die. It's been almost two weeks and I'm supposed to be resting it for four, so maybe with my continued routine of copious amounts of Aspercreme, ice, and wrapping I can get it down to three. Being a gimp is a drag.


  1. Your doggies are so cute :D I hope Bobby stays sound!

  2. I love puppies! Can I have one? Ha ha. Just kidding. But they are cute.

  3. I feel like it's every riders duty to have broken feet, and then summon their inner engineer to figure out ways to ride without hurting said feet. I feel like one day I should probably invest in steel toed boots, but that would be too practical for my liking. Hope Bobby's feet survive the turnout.

  4. love the pictures, glad that things are going well! I hope the turnout goes well :)

  5. very cute puppy pics... take it easy on the foot, the more maligned it heals, the more it will ache permanently... glad Bobby's doing better!

  6. I feel your blogging pain. Also your dogs are adorable!


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