Friday, June 7, 2013

Zen Riding

Trail riding has been awesome this week. We went out with Sarah and Memphis on Monday as I didn't think Bobby had overly taxed himself on Sunday. We headed straight for the creek where Bobby again rolled right into the water, followed closely by Memphis. What a brave pony! We decided we wanted to see how deep the creek went and somehow convinced Bobby to go back to shore so we could disrobe the ponies.

brave memphis!

We played in the creek for over an hour. Memphis felt the need to secure the perimeter and he bravely splashed around by himself, checking out all possibilities of attack. You never know when a killer frog might come out and get you.

bobbys love water!

Bobby, on the other hand, agreed to move only to get to the deepest spot he could find and then parked it, hind foot cocked and all. No amount of prodding, pony club kicking, or arm waving could get him to move. The water horse had found his soaking hole and he was happy.

soaking also involved snorkeling.
We eventually decided to head home and somehow convinced Bobby he could head back to dry land.

"only because there are snacks on dry land."
He got Tuesday off, and we headed out alone on Wednesday. We went down to the creek for a ten minute splash where I tried to convince Bobby that we could not play in the deep hole with BO's saddle on. We then headed up the monster hill, had a gallop, and hiked down the short cut across the road. On the way to the hill we had to take to get back towards the barn, we passed a pond where a gaggle of geese and goslings where wandering around. There were about twenty of them all together and they were making  a lot of noise. Their escape route was stupidly not into the pond but up the hill where we were headed.

Bobby stopped when he saw them diving into the woods and continuing up the hill and he stared them down before turning his head to see if I thought they were a viable death threat. I gave him a pat and asked him to walk on and he was like, "Whatever you say, lady. They kill us and it's on you." One of the geese got left behind from its scattering friends and it did the classic dumb bird drop and spread your wings. Bobby gave it the hairy eye as we passed it, but that was the extent of it. I would have taken a picture, but I had both reins in my hands for safety. It didn't matter in the end though. Bobby may be one neurotic beast, but he's definitely not spooky.

buttercup head explores the creek

Yesterday we were waiting for the farrier so only did a thirty minute ride out. I decided instead of going across the road, we'd head up the hill into the woods that we first explored early last year. Unfortunately, there were a ton of trees down so I didn't know where to go anymore We turned around and cruised back down the hill I had to lead him down last year. We are too brave. Kind of.

It's also the season for baby deer. Every single ride we've seen at least one fawn in the grass. Poor things barely escape with their lives when Bobby is around. His instinct when something rustles in the brush is to stomp it to death.

He has today off, a ride tomorrow, and Sunday off as well. Hopefully all my fun things get here this weekend!


  1. I love the glow of Bobby's lime green bell boots in the water. It really does look like snorkel gear.

  2. My horse Elvis was a "water horse" too. You have such lovely places to ride!

  3. I love water horses, sounds like fun!

  4. Wow! That last photo is GORGEOUS!! Silly swimmy pony =)

  5. I want to play in the water with you guys!!

  6. Trail riding is good for body, heart, and soul for both species :)


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