Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Stills*

*Pretty sure I stole that catchy title from Dom, so all clever credit goes to her. 

Photos of Robert from today:

"let's pose for pictures like a real horse, bobby, and not like a
rank mule. deal?"

"i heard cookie wrappers! this is me posing!"

my fave picture of bobby.....
minus his indecency. who wants to photoshop that out for me?
i'll pay you in e-karma.

i switched from cool calories to fat cat a month ago.
his ribs were covered almost overnight. he looks stellar. 

he had a wild romp around the outdoor.

being sassy.

me: ok, that's enough crazies.
bobby: i'll think about it. hold on. was that a cookie?

look, parelli-ites. we do join up, too!
only our join up is highly food motivated.


  1. I'm pretty sure I can photoshop that if you is a cute picture:)

    Love all the pics!

    1. Ooh, will you please? It would be GREATLY appreciated!

  2. Teehee, Bobby's so expressive.

    I've never heard of fat cat. I have the million year old arab I used to ride on cool calories, and he is gaining VERY VERY SLOWLY. It's hard to know if its just because he's old and SUPER difficult to keep weight on, let alone put weight on.

  3. Haha I like your joining up- we can do that skill too, as long as I have cookies ;)

    Great pictures of Bobby!! If I had photoshop skills I'd help ya, but I've never used it lol!!!

  4. Fab photos, Bobby is looking great! :)

  5. His weight looks great! Bobby is a handsome boy.

  6. Great photos! looks like a lovely day =]

  7. Gorgeous photos!!! Bobby is gorgeous.

  8. I can't take the credit for 'Sunday Stills' but I do use them frequently. Hehe :)

  9. HA, loved the photo captions!


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